quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

ebay: 1981 Cavalier Coachman

Up for sale on ebay is a 1981 Cavalier Coachman CF. As I mentioned in previous posts, these Cavalier conversions are quite rare to find today and this one looks like it's in much better shape than the previous ones that showed up on ebay: here and here. (The seller actually commented on one of those posts)
This Cavalier is also different as it has a full high top and could possibly be a one-off custom.

The van is running but the seller says that the 2.3 L petrol engine with 87000 miles and brakes may need to be looked at. Also claims that it "cruised comfortably at around 70 on the motorway". Inside you can see the plush upholstery, the swivel captain's chairs, table, kitchen camping equipment is all there with wood trimmings. Looks all good in it's 80's styling. Body wise there's a small dent, some rust and overall the van needs a complete overview as would be expected if you want it in top condition.

The starting bid is £500 and I don't know the reserve price but from what I have seen recently this Cavalier is worth £1000 to £1500. It just needs to find the right owner.

Starting bid: £500.00 (reserve not met)

Ebay Item number: 140442391457
Location: Harlesden, London, United Kingdom

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  1. Hi this is a Stratos high top by Cavalier not a custom conversion, I have a near identical vehicle which my father bought new in 1981. I would be interested in hearing from anyone with interests in these campers. antony.elliott@o2.co.uk