quarta-feira, 14 de abril de 2010

ebay - 1980 Cavalier Camper CF

Encontrei este CF à venda em leilão no ebay, um "Camper Van" muito raro, 1 de 30 construídos pelo Cavalier Coachbuilders no Reino Unido em 1980. Tem um motor 2,279 cc à gasolina e cerca de 50,000 milhas. A base de licitação é £550.00.

I found this CF for sale on ebay.co.uk, a very rare Camper Van, 1 of 30 built by Cavalier Coachbuilders in the UK in 1980. It has a 2,279 cc petrol engine and 50,000 miles. The starting bid is £550.00.

ebay item # 170471208554

3 comentários:

  1. Este leilão terminou com apenas 3 licitações e preço final de £563.00 (650,00€)!

  2. I have a Bedford CF250 Cavalier Coachman conversion to sell! It's a 1981 model (similar to the Stratus 250R) and I love it but its old and cumbersome and in need of work and time which I cannot give it. It has the original interior and swivel captains seats for both driver and passenger - so comfortable to ride in. The exterior paintwork and interior upholstery is the classic two-tone brown and it has the long-drop windows on each side for the rear passengers to enjoy. If anyone's interested please get in touch.

  3. Hi There, I'm not interested in buying it but this van is pure nostalgia for me. My dad was MD of Cavalier Coachman and he introduced these Bedford conversions to the company at that time. We had prototypes 250 and 280 models at our home regularly and even went on holiday with it. All components were shipped over from California to the factory ion Felixstowe! Further modifications were done to the rear to accomodate the shower sump. Shame the Wolfrace wheels with Grabber tyres are not on this one anymore. Great fun!