quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010


Now a Bedford like this doesn't pop up everyday!
A fully customized CF2 powered by a 3.5L fuel injected Rover V8 engine, auto transmission and loud chrome side pipes!
The body is modified with widened wheel arches covering some huge chrome wheels on Jag stud adapters. The rear door is a one piece, round tail lights, tall side window, chrome mirrors, hood scoop, truck style front bumper and a flame paint job finishes the exterior mods.
The inside is also customized with full carpeting, bucket seats up front, bed/seats in the back, and more.. You wont find another one like this!

Asking price: £4,750.00
Ebay item number: 230495340738

terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010

Ebay: CF 250 Camper Van

Here we have a nice CF 250 Camper Van on ebay at a reasonable price.
1982 with a 2.3 petrol engine, the body and paint look good but the seller does say it has some "small rust guttering". It's got a new exhaust section, timing belt, spark plugs, air filter and other parts including a fuel pump but has some problem pumping fuel on start up.
It's a Camper so it has all the camping equipment inside and the pop-top will give you necessary headroom and sleeping capacity for 4 people.

Buy it now price: £1,500.00
ebay item number: 140428225213

segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010


Up on ebay.co.uk is a very nice CF pannel van with a 2.3 diesel engine. It's from 1982 so it's a CF1 "facelift" model and its completely stock with some classic lettering on the sides so you can keep it as a classic commercial van or use it as a blank canvas for a custom van.

Asking price is £1,795.00
Ebay item number: 170515493041