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For Sale: 1975 Bedford ex Scooby Doo Van

This custom CF is up for sale on ebay in Australia. The interesting bit about this van is that the seller says its an "ex-Scooby Doo van" he bought from Warner Bros Movie World. He also say's he painted it black but I'm not sure this is actually a Mystery Machine. It's definitely not the one used in the 2002 Scooby Doo movie filmed in Australia. It's missing the body kit, the mirrors are different and there's no side door... It was probably just a prop van they used at there Gold Coast Theme Park.
What ever the case, this CF looks real cool with the black paint and just needs some minor work to get it on the road again.

"Up for sale is my 1975 Holden CF Bedford Ex Scooby Doo Van, I purchased this van approx 7 years ago as a fully functional road worthy van.this van came from Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast, It has a Holden 202 motor and a auto trans,and i was told they were both fully rebuilt before the van was purchased by myself. I have since done a full sand down and have painted it Hot Rod black (HR010) The van is in all round great condition and anyone buying this will not be disappointed,their is no rust and it seems to drive fine. I did have it rego for 6 months but only drove it once before the brake master cylinder broke and due to work commitments i never drove it again. The battery is no good due to sitting for so long but can be jump started no problem. The van is located on the Gold Coast and is at a friends house but inspection can be arranged. I can answer any questions after 6 pm most nights or via text message but due to the location i work in i cant get ph reception during the day. For any questions ,call Jarid on 0439868515"

Item number: 230781232280

Item location: oxenford, Queensland, Australia

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Vendo: Bedford CF - Italia

"vendo opel bedford wauxhall, 2.3 aspirato, omologato 3 posti, alimentazione a gasolio, anno 1981, portata 970 kg, mezzo di interesse storico, iscritto uisp, passaggio e assicurazione ridotte, 150 euro l'anno, esente bollo, revisionato fino a settembre 2013, gancio traino massa complessiva 1000 kg. disponibile per prova e visione."

Prezzo: 2.600 €

Link: www.subito.it/auto/bedford-opel-vauxhall-trento-39062536.htm

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Vend: Bedford cf 250 - France

I really like the way this CF is built up, very simple yet aggressive look. On the exterior there aren't really many mods but enough to change it completely. The sunvisor and fender flares are what you would expect but the front bumper has been replaced with a custom piece that is very simple but offers the biggest change. Then the black turbine style mags with white letter tires match the van perfectly.
There are a couple of details that I don't like so much... The Chevy badge on the grille needs to be removed. Even though the Bedford and Chevrolet brands are both in the GM family they are different vans and shouldn't be confused. I also noticed a pair of air horns on the roof. I'm not a fan of that trucker look and I would put them under the van where they belong. And on the rear I don't know what they were thinking with those tubular bumpers. They don't match the van at all and should be removed and left bumper-less.
There's only one photo of the interior and it's basically empty. The walls have been covered, there are some small wooden benches over the wheel wells for storing some tools, the seats have been replaced with racing style ones and it has an overhead console with the radio and lights.
On the mechanical side it's listed as having a gasoline engine (probably the GM 2.0) with only 50,000 kms. Being a 1986 model it has the ZF 5-speed and disk brakes up front. Overall this is a very interesting street van and seems to be in good shape.

Prix : 3 900 €
Ville : Lédenon
Code postal : 30210
Année-modèle : 1986
Kilométrage : 50 000 KM
Carburant : Essence

Description :
"Vend bedford cf 250 de 1986 , ct ok , alternateur neuf, jante alu , pompe a eau neuve , vidange ok ,trompe de klaxon , siege semi baquet neuf , donne avec la revue technique , toutes les factures depuis plus de 20 ans , donne un train de pneu . Prix 3900Euro(s) tel : ou"

Link: www.leboncoin.fr/utilitaires/303975411.htm

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ebay: 1987 Bedford CF2 diesel

Let me start off by saying this van is in my top5 list of original CF's. It's not mint - and the seller mentions that- but looks to be in very good shape. Being a 1987 model, the last year the CF was produced and being kept in a garage for the last 7 years helps a lot. It also looks 99% original which will please the classic car fans. That 1% of molestation seems to be those modern seats that have been stuffed in there. 

There are also a couple of features that make this CF desirable besides being rust free. The 2.3 diesel engine wasn't the preferred choice in the UK but with the fuel prices these days it sure is more economical to drive and with only 81,000 miles on the clock you don't need to worry about the engine for a long time. Being the CF2 it has of course disk brakes up front and I suspect the ZF 5speed transmission for easy cruising.
Bur most of all what makes this CF2 a rare find are the sliding front doors on both sides.

If your interested in this one don't let it get away! Item number: 190665242959

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Vend: 1980 Custom CF - France

If your looking for an original custom CF from back in the 70's or 80's France is probably the best place to search. The CF was certainly the popular choice in France to customize and there were plenty of them showing up in car shows and magazines. Today you can search online and find several of those vans for sale. Some of them have had hard lives and are now rust buckets, others are recoverable with some restoration and then there are those that managed to survive like this one.
I can't tell you too much about this van, there's no description in the ad but you almost don't need one. Just by looking at these photos you can see it's your typical french custom van from back in the day. It may seem a little over the top but that's exactly what everyone wanted. It looks like it has been well maintained over the years. For 4,500€ you can have this blast from the past and make your neighbours hate you at the same time. 
Link: www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/295578170.htm

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For Sale: Custom CF in South Africa

It was only a few months ago that I found an old South African record with a Bedford CF on it. Until then I had no idea that the CF had made it to Africa.
This blog's analytics does show many visitors from South Africa so I'm not completely surprised that there are a few Bedford owners there. Today was the first time I found one!
This CF is highly customized, inside and out. Too much to list, have a look at the photos. It all looks very well done and in good condition. The seller mentions it has a V6 engine and that's it's an urgent sale. I have no idea if R45000 is expensive or cheap but if your in the Witbank, Mpumalanga area check this van out.
Link: http://witbank.olx.co.za/bedford-panelvan-r45000-iid-346399828

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ebay: CF1 project van - Australia

Here's an interesting project van in Springdale Heights, Australia. What's so unusual about this CF are the 20" chrome rims... Large rims aren't the popular choice for the CF but these actually look good.
The body looks straight with no rust but there is still a lot of work to be done besides a paint job. The interior is empty and the dashboard and wiring need to be installed. The starting bid is at AU $3,500.00.
Item number: 260995813514

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Junkyard Sunday's - Easter Edition

Children go egg hunting on Easter but over here we like to go searching for Bedford's.
On this Junkyard Sunday I followed a bunny into a field and found this colorful egg shaped CF :)
It probably won't ever be restored as it's actually for sale for spare parts. Link here