quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011


I just seen on the BUGA forum that the famous Australian Bedford "Mystic Fantasy" is for sale! This show van was built 28 years ago and it's still amazing to look at. I don't even know where to start describing this van, just look at the photos!

The owner says:
"You will have to part with your savings or the banks to the tune of $22, 000 (AUD)
I will not sell it to anyone, you will need to convince me that you will treat it as I have."

segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

Center Bearing

Ainda não tinha colocado uma foto do veio de transmissão modificado montado no sitio.
Vejam os posts anteriores [falta de material] e [prop-shaft-mod] para mais informação.
Fica aqui o resultado:

I hadn't yet posted any photos of the modified prop-shaft in place.
Check these previous posts [falta de material] and [prop-shaft-mod] for more information.
This is the final result.


segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

For Sale: 1987 CF2 panel van - UK

Another CF2 spotted on ebay UK. This one is a basic CF2 panel van, with a bulk head. The photos do much of the talking. Although it has suffered the punishment of a work van it isn't very badly treated. It has a 76000 mile 2.0cc engine with the zf 5 speed gearbox.

This van was one of the very last CF's made, the seller says:
"Here is a late registered Bedford CF2 250P they stoped making CFs in july 1987 but this one was registered in November 1987 so is an E reg insted of a D"
and ads,
"this van will be a classic of the future as there cant be many E registered CFs around , must be one of the last ones made "

There's two ways you can look at this van, either restore it to an original state or go all out and build a custom van. I would go the second choice, restoring this van to an original state isn't to hard but you will end up spending a large amount of time and money and when all is done and said you would probably have been happier with spending that money on a nice custom van rather than having a plain old van that cost a fortune to restore.

Starting bid: £750.00
Item location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK
Ebay Item number: 220755494650

domingo, 20 de março de 2011

For Sale: Custom CF2 Panel Van - UK

Here is a mildly custom CF2 for sale on ebay UK. The seller doesn't give to many details about this van. Basically he says that bought the van a while ago and replaced the 32/36 carb on the 2.0 cih engine with 5 speed.
There's no photos or info on the interior so I am guessing it's empty. From the photos it doesn't look bad, nice custom paint job, a spoiler and of course, the turbine/hurricane style mags is what really gives this van some character. Those vintage wheels are actually the most important feature in this case.
I also just noticed it doesn't have any side barn door... I have no idea why a panel van wouldn't have one. That's not to usual to see.

Price: £1,800.00
Item location: Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 270720191639

sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

Chevy... Bedford?

Look what I found, at first glance it looks like a Chevy van but look closely... it's actually a Bedford CF1!

Vejam o que descobri, a primeira vista parece um Chevy mas se olharem com atenção é um Bedford CF1!

sábado, 12 de março de 2011

For Sale: Automatic Camper UK

Spring is here and the weather is getting better, so it's a good time to get a camper if you don't already have one. Here's your chance at a pop top CF. I posted up a similar one last week that sold for £1,080 on ebay UK and it needed some work done. I think this one that's ending soon on ebay UK will reach almost double that price, even though it's older because it looks like it's in very good condition (the seller mentions it was restored 3 years ago).

This 1981 CF is equipped with a 70,000 mile 2.3 petrol engine and automatic transmission.
[After searching online for fuel prices in the UK I can see why petrol is largely preferred over diesel... that's not the case in other European countries.]
This van is also equipped with a LPG fuel system so that will save you some more money in fuel costs.

As I mentioned before, this is a type of van that you can easily drive during the week and then use its camper utility on the weekend.

Item number: 320666383576
Item location: Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffs, United Kingdom

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011

For Sale: CF250 Pop Top Camper

Ending in a few hours on ebay UK is this 1985 pop top camper. What's so neat about this type of van is that it looks like a regular CF. You could actually get away with using it as a daily driver without looking like your on holidays or living in it. From the outside it has some unique features that give it away as a camper but at the same time they are very discreet. First of all, the pop top. When closed you almost don't notice it and if it was painted the same color as the van it would blend in even better. Then you notice this van has no side barn door. That's a unique feature but it also makes getting into the 2 back seats a bit more complicated if your using it as a daily people carrier. Besides painting the top the same color I would tint the windows so people wouldn't see inside (and the curtains) and like I said before you could use it as a daily driver.

Inside are all the neat features of a camper van: rear seats convert into bed, table, cupboards, fridge, grill, heater, sink with water, sunroof and so on.
Powering the van is the slow but economical 2.3 diesel engine.
The seller says there are some small bits to fix and also the van was hand painted so you can look into a new paint job in the near future. Could be the van/camper you were looking for. 

Price: Reserve price not met
Item number: 260745453186
Item location: Caerphilly, United Kingdom