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"BACK in the 70s giveaway cars were properly customised vans, and some of the awesomest giveaway cars were built for the coolest stations on the wireless.

Thus the Coca Cola/3XY Freedom Roller was born. It’s based around a more user-friendly CF Bedford and built in the workshops of Vanmakers Australia.

John Evans was the man responsible for much of the design and fabrication of the 3XY vans. “I knew some of the DJs at 3XY,” John says. “We rode dirt bikes together so they knew my background and figured I’d be the man for the job.”

A set of Manta flares, made famous on John’s HQ van Tangerine Dream II, were adapted and combined with XC Fairmont headlamps and a custom grille for a truly unique appearance. Black, yellow, orange and red stripes were laid over the white base, while K-Mac suspension, Sunraysia rims and a Garrett turbo for the 202 were added to downplay the ‘commercial’ roots of the van.

So just a few weeks out from the Bathurst Van Nationals Don Haile and John Evans decided to throw together a tribute van. John looked after the outside while Don was overseas and Don got a shock when he returned. “I said to John: ‘You son of a bitch. Now we’re going to have to do the interior!’” he recalls. Don got busy decking out the rear in a mix of coloured vinyls, wrapping laminated timber chairs and fitting a round-top table covered in Coke livery and John blew the dust off his bubble-window skills and whipped up a pair of red versions for the rear barn doors.

The Freedom Roller was a huge hit at the Nationals, picking up 6th Top Lifestyle Van, and draws plenty of attention on the streets. “A lot of the comments come from ‘era-correct’ ladies,” Don says. “It’s great that the van and long-gone 3XY name are the source of fond memories for many people.”

So join us as we sit down for a chat with Don and John in the Van’s roomy interior. If you want more then grab a copy of SM June 2015; it’s 244 pages and chock full of cool vans, including a full feature on the Freedom Roller. Don’t miss it."


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Johnny Tavern Road Bar

Este Bedford CF foi avistado no A primeira vista, mais um CF preto? A matricula parece familiar... e ao consultar o arquivo, GR-97-83 esteve à venda há cerca de um ano atrás. Ainda bem que alguem o salvou mas, mais uma vez, decidiram seguir o tema mais que batido do A-Team.

Parece que tem um logo na lateral mas não dá para ver exactamente do que é. Depois de uma curta pesquisa no google... consigo descobrir que se trata da Johnny Tavern Road Bar em Castelo Branco!
Fica aqui umas fotos da página

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Vendo: Bedford CF Modificate - Italy

I posted this custom Italian CF almost 4 years ago and now it's for sale again. It looks really good and all the modifications are homologated. Hit the link below for contact details.

"Bedford cf 2 omologato autocaravan con tanto di disegni tecnici dell ingegnere e scheda tecnica di omologazione. Gia tesserato ASI quindi agevolato per assicurazione.
Motore 2.3 turbo diesel. Omologato 3 posti.
Appena lucidato e ripristinato internamente e su vari particolari.
Un mezzo davvero unico per la sua omologazione e cura nella preparazione dei kit estetici.
Tettuccio apribile , marmitta laterale finemente lavorata in acciaio inox.
cotatti seri no perditempo."

5.700 €
Comune: Bibbiano


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Vendo: 1978 Bedford CF Camper - Italy

"Furgone Bedford CF - tipo 97370 Immatricolazione 1978
Cilindrata 2.067 cc - KW 48 Cambio: manuale 4 marce
Immatricolato Autocaravan - Alimentazione Gasolio
Fermo da anni è stato rimesso a nuovo, motore in ottime condizioni, gomme nuove, ripristinato impianto acqua/luce/gas.
Tre posti letto. Interni in legno perfetti. Finestre laterali disponibili brunite e in tinta carrozzeria. Ultima revisione luglio 2012 regolare. Da rivedere impianto per il riscaldamento
Galleggiante gasolio malfunzionante. Da sostituire alcune guarnizioni in gomma. Unico proprietario."

8.000 €
Comune: San Miniato


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Vende-se: Bedford CF230 [AZ-51-63]

Está aqui um Bedford CF230 commercial para venda. O motor trabalha mas infelizmente tem vários pontos podres que vão implicar um restauro nada barato. O vendedor não deixa mais informações no anúncio, não se sabe a última vez que circulou. As fotos mostram o furgão dentro de um armazém mas esses podres são sinais de que dormiu bastantes noites na rua. O gradeamento em cima não me parece estranho...  recuando no arquivo, este CF já esteve à venda em 2013, e foi debaixo de um pinheiro que continuou a apodrecer...

Preço: € 800,00
Freguesia: Cacém


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ebay: Bedforf CF V8 Rat Rod - UK

Where to start on this van? It probably was a nice custom van many years ago but now it's in very rough shape. It has rust, cracked body filler all over the place... It fits the "rat rod" category almost perfectly. It needs a lot of work including rebuilding the engine and interior. If your up to the task the starting bid is only £500.

"Bedford cf 3.5 rover v8 auto
starts drives been stood for 2 years and needs work to put back on the road
needs engine rebuild as noisy at high revs but another block comes with it with fresh looking hone marks, also comes with spare good rear axle and if wanted another one that broke the input shaft but this one has higher ratio and bigger drums that it really needs have 2 front half leather escort gti seats to go with it plus some other bits n bobs if i can find them in garage all the running boards and arches are metal the arches are shaped with filler and need redoing the back well the rear doors have been welded in but far from flush it had a lot! of filler to make the shape but had cracked and when started to sort it ended up taking most of it out and as temp put hardboard over to make shape n this has now gone soft which is why the back looks so bad The paint is not good on any of the van and needs redoing the front bumper is all metal but was damaged when towing see pic
i believe the wheels are from a lotus with 195/70r14 front 255/70r15 rear one front tyre is new the other is ok rears are just legal but need beads sealing as dont hold air this thing is wide 6'6 front about 7' rear with wheels n tyres on it has smaller rears on for transport and storage due to others not holding air and not fitting on trailer the front doors have been cut shorter and bottom welded in the step and have metal welded over windows to give shape not just film tint when done it looks good and draws attention it is also very loud with straight through exhausts and small cherry bombs on each side"

Starting bid: £500.00
Location: Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom

eBay item number: 321758711127

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ebay: Bedford CF V8 Recovery/Transporter Truck - UK

You can find plenty of Bedford CF recovery trucks in the UK but here is a unique one you can buy. This one was built specifically to haul around a drag racer so its got a fully covered body. The engine was swapped for a powerful V8 and its all painted in a hot rod matte black color. This is really cool truck to transport your classic car to shows or your race car to the track. 

"This truck was built by a drag racer and mechanic to take his drag cars to events safely and securely as well as doubling up as a mobile workshop, it is a long wheelbase Bedford CF MK1 fitted with a Rover V8 and Auto gearbox.
The Truck comes with Keys and V5 Logbook as well as a long MOT until 25/11/2015. It starts easily and runs well, the brakes and suspension work as they should and it is surprisingly easy to drive, I would happily take it anywhere. That said it is in need of some tlc in the form of some bodywork and a couple of other minor issues which I will detail below.

The Engine and Gearbox
It is fitted with a rover V8 and Auto Gearbox which I am told where removed from one of the previous owners drag racing cars and apparently running somewhere in the region of 250bhp. It is fitted with a Holley Carb and MSD ignition system. It starts easily and runs well, it doesn't smoke knock rattle or overheat, the gearbox also works as it should.

The Brakes, Steering and Suspension
The brakes steering and suspension all work as they should, it doesn't knock and bang or pull etc it is also fitted with a set of extra heavy duty adjustable shock absorbers on the back for if you are carrying extra weight.

The Electrics and Gauges
The truck runs 3 batteries in total (2 of which need replacing) the alternator charges well and it is also fitted with a twin solar charging system, it is also fitted with a Cobra Cat1 alarm and immobiliser system. The lights all work as they should with the exception of the indicators which don't flash, the horn also works fine. the speedo is very optimistic and the rev counter has a mind of its own, the fuel temperature and oil pressure gauges work as they should.

The Body, Cab and Chassis
The Back Body is very well built and pretty clever, as you can see it is fitted with a large double folding ramp that lowers via a winch. which is excellent for loading low cars and also has a door in the centre for access without opening the ramps. It also has 2 fold up work benches, 2 side doors and plenty of tool storage in 2 lockers mounted either side  and a large tray mounted in the centre. please note the winch pictured is not included in the sale but will be offered to the winning bidder at a reasonable price.
The Cab is what lets the truck down, it is in a poor state needing welding/repairs to the floor, gutters, pillars and probably more, that said the wings, steps and bonnet seem pretty good. also the drivers door handle/lock is broken and the passenger mirror is too (but comes with a good replacement)
The Chassis is in good condition and doesn't appear to need any work with the exception of one body mount to the front of the cab.
I think that just about cover's everything, in summary its a big old beast of a thing that I would happily drive anywhere, the cab needs work and a couple of electrical bits need sorting too.
I'm starting the auction at scrap value with no reserve, any questions feel free to ask, best of luck and happy bidding.
Couple of things I forgot to mention, the body is 4.9m long by 2.1m wide, the Lockers/side doors on the back are stiff due to lack of use, the windscreen wipers are rubbish, the radio is crap and it comes with a box containing a few spares."

Starting bid: £250.00
Location: Liss, Hampshire, United Kingdom

eBay item number: 301630358022