terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2011

ebay: Bedford CF2 A-Team Van

This is the second Bedford A-Team replica van that I have seen on ebay. The other one was closer to real GMC van than this one is but it is still enough to turn heads. It's a 1987 model which means it was one of the very last CF2's to be made but from what the seller say's it needs some work done.
It just sold for £850.00 which seems like someone got a good deal.
Here is the sellers description:

"A hevaily modified 1987 Bedford van. This is not a GMC. It is a Bedford "97F70 Fleet van", comonly refered to as a "CF2 250 P" Registration E24TVM
I have owned this for a couple of years and had a lot of fun with it through daily use, camping trips and motorbike trips, but now it has to go. Due to a head injury, I have not been driving for a while so it has been standing for 5 months, and only started occasionally to keep it ticking over. During this time the MOT has run out, but it does have Tax untill the end of september and comes with V5 registration document.
The van is a bit old and tatty but is in good running order and I was using it daily until I hit my head. (apart from a couple of small things listed below)
The handbrake cable snapped recently at the rear section of cable that disappears into rear hub brakes. (van supplied with brick if required.)
The reverse light is not connected to the sensor at the front after some recent rewiring.
Comes with 5 spare wheels. one good one on the van, and one normal set of 4 wheels in various conditions. this means you can revert to normal wheels if you want to. I dont know much about the fat wheels that are on it, but there was no problem for the last MOT.
Comes with jack and wheel brace ready to go.
Comes with free broom handle to hold open rear door.
2 sun roofs both open in the summer, but leak a bit in the winter.
Built in 1/4 plywood bulkhead stops your gear sliding forward into the cab.
Built in side locker / bench designed to fit calor gas bottle and other usefull bits and pieces. Good foundation for a fold out bed.
(If you are interested I have a foam mattress the right size to use for a drop down bed.)
new clutch
new blower fan
new alternator
some new brakes.
tow-bar with drop plate.
New fuse box and some recent rewiring to lights and stuff.
Extra top orange marker lights are not wired in.
Obviously this van will attract attention. both from a-team fans and Bedford fans alike. It is a joy to drive and will put a smile back on your face at the end of any day. It tows a medium trailer without too much trouble. It is designed for leaded petrol, but it seems to run nicely on unleaded with the additive stuff. (half bottle included.) Also a full tank of fuel if i remember correctly."

Item location: Southampton, United Kingdom
ebay Item number: 140595596962

quarta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2011

For Sale: Bedford CF V6 chopped, channeled, & sectioned

This van was a long time project of wolfman99 and it was sold on ebay back in April. Apparently the current owner doesn't have time to finish the van so he is selling it.
The following was posted on Rods 'n' Sods forum:

"Hi, I am listing this for another Norwich chap so any questions please put to Giles on 07976553545 as all I know is what I've put.
He has the V5 in his name. What he doesn't have is time to get on and get it finished.
Bedford CF
Body chopped, channeled and sectioned. Shortened in the bonnet area.
Steel tilt front.
All mods done in steel.
Stands under 5 feet tall.
Ford 2.8 V6, turns over on crank but not running at present.
CF front and rear axles. Discs on front.
Was set up for hydraulic rams over rear leaf suspension. Hydraulic rams and pumps included.
Seat NOT included, just putin to show driving position.
No tax or MOT, obviously.
Offers near £750.
I know a chap with a transporter and may be able to arrange transport"

sexta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2011

ebay: 1984 Bedford CF2 - UK

At first glance this CF looks amazing. This is just the type of van for the classic van collector, no rust, low mileage, almost no restoration needed. It's also perfect if you want to build a custom van, as many vans in the UK have suffered from the bad weather and you can end up spending a lot of money just in fixing rust issues.
Even though it's not perfect the starting bid is very reasonable compared to some of the other mint CF's that have been on ebay in the last couple of years. I bet this one will sell for sure.

"Your looking at a b reg/1984 Bedford cf van, 12 months mot, taxed till jan 2012, 2 litre petrol, 50,000 miles, in excellent condition, as recently been resprayed, this van is used daily, never had any welding inside or out, all panels in good condition, lovely original classic, viewing recommended you wont be disappointed, small tear on drivers seat as shown in photos, tow bar and electrics, drives lovely."

Starting bid: GBP 2,000.00
Item location: dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 190565011132

terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

ebay: 1976 Bedford CF Custom Van

This former show winning custom van has appeared on ebay and it's starting bid is very low. It deserves to be restored/repaired as it seems to be pretty good shape.
Here is the seller's description:

"Bedford CF Mk1 Custom Van, Hot Rod Camper, former prize winner
For sale: 1976 Bedford CF Mk1 Custom Van, well known in hot rodding and vanning circles, built for speed and comfort.

General Specifications:
CF MK1, fitted wide arches for 8” wheels front and 10” wheels rear, steel side loading door and one piece fibre glass rear door. Modified CF 2 front doors, stainless steel expensive imported wing mirrors, custom made one off front and rear bumpers and heavy duty pull anything tow bar, twin headlights (Capri) and specially modified grill. Painted in Mitsubishi Turquoise metallic paint with 3 coats of lacquer.

Engine and transmission:
Rover Vitesse 3.5 litre V8 taken from former police interceptor, believed stage 3 engine, high compression gas flowed and balanced, etc. will rev to 6000+ for short periods under load, does 90+ mph in first and gets there rapidly for a van! Does not run any power steering, air conditioning and doesn’t even have a cooling fan; built for power and top speed. Runs on unleaded and lead substitute additive which allows it to run cool. Fitted new Borg warner 65 auto 3 speed gear box and torque converter (Cost £500 – very few miles on it) Fuel enhancement system to up octane and improve fuel burn to deliver maximum power.

Well insulated interior with expensive Isfahan Carpet and velour and tapestry cloth wall covering, Lightweight bed and storage for easy removal when racing, old but good JVC sound system running expensive 9” elliptical Speakers, good quality leather covered seats on pedestals. Large accessible battery compartment to take running battery and slave battery for camping.

Running Gear:
Newly fitted front CF2 stub axles and callipers with 8” steel transport wheels with 8” CX Aluminium racing wheels and crossover spacers to convert from CF stud pattern to 5 stud Jag / Chevy Pattern fitted with Avon V rated tyres (Knackered). Fitted 15” x 10” rear tyres on CX aluminium racing wheels. Modified CF rear axle with PA Cresta diff which is old and could use replacement with a Chevy axle, Low mileage Munroe shock absorbers all round.

This is a one off van, the bumpers alone cost £500 to fabricate without spraying. There are about £800 worth of wheels before considering anything else. It it was dismantled for spares my guess is that including the doors,. Bumpers, bonnet, grill, gearbox and ‘Brain’ it would break at £2500 - £3000. Just can’t bring myself to break it myself. It is very repairable, has some rust on the roof channel, not much and some bubbling elsewhere. This great van was the love of my life as was my wife who I have since divorced and due to space and memories regrettably the van must also go."

Item location: Poole, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 140589881079

quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011


Aproveitei o fim-de-semana para fazer alguma manutenção e trocar algumas peças  que já estavam desgastadas. Uma das correias estava a chiar e já não tinha mais afinação, por isso levou uma nova - Gates ref. 6216MC

As escovas limpa-vidros também estavam estragadas e levou umas novas Valeo com tamanho 18" para limpar o maximo da superficie do para brisas.

O filtro de gasoleo convêm ser trocado com regularidade especialmente en veiculos antigos porque acumulam muito lixo e água no deposito de combustível. Bosch ref. N4106.

Finalmente troquei o retentor da caixa de velocidades que estava a pingar valvolina em cima do tubo de escape. Parecia um trabalho facil mas foi necessário usar a força bruta do martelo para tirar o velho e encaixar o novo.