sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

ebay: 1982 Red CF Panel Van

Wow, here's another very nice CF that appears on ebay in a short period. This one has some interesting details such as the sliding drivers door and a bulkhead dividing the cargo area.
Finding such an immaculate rust free CF is difficult but there are still some around and this is one of them. The engine is the petrol fueled 2.3 liter and the seller claims this always garaged CF has 84000 original miles and that is easy to believe. 
It's not everyday that a van like this pop's up for sale so get it if you can.

Item number: 200564297029
Item location: Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom

sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011


It didn't sell last time around and now it's up on ebay again. I'm talking about the most mint Bedford CF panel van you will ever see and you can own it, if you got the money that is...

This show room condition CF2 now has 20,000 miles and the seller writes:
"...it always starts first time everytime and drives superb, and being a 4 speed gearbox will still cruise at 65/70 mph and returns good mpg, last trip i did was 70 miles and was a pleasure..."
The van has new tires, a new stainless exhaust and has MOT and TAX so it's ready to hit the road. 

Back in December the bidding went up to £4,400.00 but the reserve price wasn't met. Now the bidding has started at £2,000.00 with a reserve price also. Lets wait and see what happens.
Check out the new photos the seller has posted. Mint.

Item number:120674289995

quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

For Sale: Custom CF in Melbourne

Check out this custom 1976 CF in Melbourne, Australia! It's up for sale on ebay for AU $6,000
You can see from just these 3 photos that a lot of work has been done to it but it is still an unfinished van and there are many small things to complete. On the inside what stands out the most is the front bench seat. It's really unusual to see a rear bench seat used up front like that.
This is what the seller has to say:

"Up for auction is my allmost completed bedford van project, it has 4 wheel disc brakes,commodore matser cylinder, 9 inch ford diff, 18 inch wheels, new tyres, new windscreen and rubber, all bushes steering etc underneath in as new condition, the original holden 202 and auto, electric sunroof (not wired up), vt leather rear seat as the front seat, custom front end with chrome grill, rolled back, sunken number plate, custom tail lights, it is hugger orange.. no rust and I've got photos of it in primer, I'm sure there's more I cant think of at the moment.. It runs drives, stops although needs a good tune.... it still needs things like carpet, seat belts handbrake mirrors a new battery... any questions ask.. sold as is how it is... I will ship interstate but you organize and pay for transport..."

Item number: 230575058249

domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

ebay: A-Team CF...

Look at what is up on ebay: The A-Team van! Actually it's a replica but instead of the famous 1983 GMC G-Series it's a Bedford CF2...
This replica is pretty accurate, on the outside at least. The paint job is correct with the black bottom/gray top with the red stripe, sun-visor and lights on top, rear wind deflector, fender-flares, side steps and front skirt finish off the aerodynamics. It also has the characteristic rectangular zoomies in red and the bull bar up front. The rear license plate was frenched into the door which is incorrect, it should of stayed on the bottom. The wheels are actually the correct Turbine wheels and they were re-drilled to fit the Bedford PCD. The van is finished off with a GMC logo on the grille but if you pay attention to the movie series you will know that the logo was blacked out.

Powering this van is a 2.2L gasoline engine from a Frontera with the Bedford 4-speed manual transmission.

It has no M.O.T. or Tax and has been siting outside for a year and a half so its in rough condition. Could be worth a restoration or used for parts or just fix it up as a cheap daily driver. What ever you do get it fast because it has a cheap buy it now price!

Buy it now: £800.00
Location: Cullompton, United Kingdom
ebay item: 130475771443

Check it out on youtube:

sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

ebay: 1980 CF 230 Dormobile - UK

Up on ebay this week is a 1980 CF in Abingdon, Oxfordshire UK. The starting bid is quite high at £1,450.00 but the seller justifies it with the fact that its a CF 230 DORMOBILE with only 47239 miles on it.
The seller started to fix it up last year but didn't finish so there are still some rust spots to fix and the seller has some panel skins to fix them.

Overall it looks like a van that can be fixed up pretty easy but I don't know if he will be able to sell it at that starting bid. It has a clearly underpowered 1.800cc petrol engine and I have posted here before better vans that have sold at cheaper prices. Well in 5 days we will find out...

Item number: 220722633006

domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

Vende-se: CF de 1981 - Espinho

Este é o mais recente CF que está a venda em Espinho. É o modelo de 1981 e tem 7 lugares de livrete. O vendedor não deixa mais nenhuma informação sem ser "impecável"... a pintura parece que é recente.

Link: http://espinho-aveiro.olx.pt/carrinha-antiga-bedford-iid-152128074