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segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2016

"Hardcore Vanner" - Stolen Art Work!

Just a couple of days ago someone posted a link on facebook to a T-shirt for sale with the image of a custom Bedford CF van. I recognized that image immediately, I had seen it before online but I couldn't remember where. I even remember the color being yellow. My initial thought was that someone had stolen that image and was trying to make a quick buck. Well, unfortunately I was right. It didn't take long for the original artist of the drawing to find out about this. Lots of people would like to have this T-shirt (and probably have bought one already) but don't buy it! Here is a post he made on facebook:

"In this life, there are mates and there are low-lifes. A true, true mate (who I consider a Brother) is Dave Watts. He's the kind of guy who tells you when he discovers that one of the low-lifes has stolen something that you created in 1984 and is using it for their own commercial gain on a T-shirt they are selling via Teespring.com..................Now my belief here is that Teespring are completely innocent in this venture, because they have a very highly structured procedure on their website for reporting infringement of Copyright and use of unauthorized intellectual property..............I know..............I've spent ages on there today filling out there legal forms and providing corroborative proof of ownership. There investigation will hopefully proceed in a timely fashion.
Anyone who knows me knows that I have a fuse a mile long. I don't easily anger. Throughout my time in Vannin' I freely gave my designs to the NSVA to produce T-shirts for the good of Vannin' as a whole. A TRUE vanner would never do this to another Vanner and them using the term "Hardcore Vanner" is an absolute insult to every TRUE Hardcore Vanner out there.
I may have been out of Vannin' directly for many years, but I will never, ever forget those times or the wonderful people I met. I have a bunch of life-long friends from those days who I Love like Brothers (and Sisters). I know this will piss them off greatly because it goes against everything we stand for.
I urge anyone who has seen this shirt to please not buy one. If you ordered one, see if it's possible to cancel your order. I have contacts all over and I would urge anyone reading this to share it to anyone they know who would be outraged by what is outright stealing and profiteering from another's artistic talents."

Source: Martin Thoene

Original 1984 art work by Martin Thoene

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Ebay: Bedford CF2 Custom V8 - UK

You might not even notice it at first glance but look closely, this is a long wheel base CF350 with a low roof... There's some custom work going on right here. I posted this van back in January when it was ebay, and now it's up for auction again. It's been off the road for 30 years and still looks great. Check out the photos and the description for details.

"complete engine rebuild rover v8
rebuilt box and converter rover
jag back axel with new disks and pads
the paintwork was done 25 years ago and is still fantastic
this van was taken off the road when it was 4 years old and had never been moted till last year
never seen any filler and is a complete blank canvas 2 sunroofs and I have just sound proofed the back
this van run like a dream after the carbs were rebuilt twin exhaust out the side with stainless steal tips
if you could pick a sound track of a v8 this is what you would pick
cash on collection viewing welcome thanks les  ps if it does not sell I will camper it and do the shows with the grandchildren"

Location: East Sussex, United Kingdom

eBay item number: 162160632359

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For sale: Restored Bedford CF1 V8 - New Zealand

Wow! This CF1 is a real beauty! I posted a photo of it a couple of years ago, now it's for sale. On the exterior it's almost stock looking, except for the mirrors, wheels, sunroof and shaved rear bumperets. Underneath is where all the custom work is hiding, with a Chevy V8 and much more! Check out the sellers description below.

"This professionally refurbished Bedford van is one of the straightest and best presented examples in the country and is being offered at a fraction of the build cost. The mechanical modifications undertaken have been completed using best of breed new or reconditioned parts.

Exterior - Bare metal restoration with over 300 hours of professional craftsmanship put into the body work alone (photo journal and invoices available for inspection).Bare shell was metal sprayed and all cavities and interior seams waxed. Professionally applied base and clear coat paintwork in a period looking colour and brand new chrome. Factory tinted windscreen and door glass. I have a comprehensive list of NOS parts sourced from worldwide sources.

Mechanicals - Chev 350 crate motor with all new ancillaries (just under 10,500km), TH350 shift kitted auto, engineered and reconditioned power steering conversion. Disk brake conversion and completely refurbished front suspension. Ford 9 inch rear .

Interior – Dynamat floor covering, Falcon leather seats and B&M shifter. Period Momo steering wheel, fully refurbished factory instrument cluster . Insulated and paneled rear in period look crushed velvet. Fixed day bed that converts to full queen for sleeping. Concealed sink with electrically controlled running water.

Electrics -unmolested factory wiring harness with VSR coupled additional deep cycle battery for interior lighting and sound system.

Van comes with a wide range of spares including a set of 7J steelies and 7J Cheviots."

Asking price: $45,000

Located in Auckland City, Auckland, New Zealand

Link: www.trademe.co.nz/motors/specialist-cars/other/auction-1137277359.htm

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ebay: Custom 1984 Bedford CF V8 - UK

Check out this fully customized Bedford CF, it's got all the goodies inside and out. Full body kit all around, some sick Western American Cyclone rims with huge offset on the rear, wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial T/A's. There's some kind of conversion going on to fit that Chevy PCD lug pattern. Under the hood there's a powerful 3.5L Rover V8 with a 5 speed transmission. Inside it's fully decked out as well. Black on black.
Someone has spend a lot of money to customize this van. Get it now on ebay UK.

"Bedford CF 1984 (Facelift) Custom Camper / Day van.
3500cc Rover v8 (from contemporary '84 Rover SD1.)
LT77 5-Speed Manual Gearbox.
Reconditioned radiator and Kenlow front fan.
Professional all-steel body kit.
Unique custom CF1/CF2 front panel.
Set of original Western American wheels.
Matching front swivel sports seats and rock and roll bed, with fitted seat belts.
Cooker and sink units.
Leisure battery.
Twin sun roofs.
Stereo unit, four speakers (+2 holes)
Looks, sounds and drives like a total bad-ass!
Currently SORN. Needs some attention. This is a project vehicle that will give rapid payback.

Starting bid: £1,495.00

Location: Downend, Bristol, United Kingdom

ebay item number: 142073612633