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Bedford Choletais - France

"Sur la lancée du Peugeot du CCC, je vous livre la photo d'un célèbre van Bedford Choletais des années 80. Avec le recul, on se rend bien compte à quel point le fourgon de Daniel Devisme était réussi. L'inhabituel traitement hi rider et la sobriété de l'ensemble sortaient vraiment du lot en pleine période d'accessoirisation outrancière. Le goût pour l'esprit "baroud" conduira ensuite Daniel vers le tout terrain avec un Land taillé pour l'aventure. Je crois me souvenir que ce joli van a terminé sa vie à l'agonie dans une casse, j'espère au moins que les roues ont été sauvées...." 

- www.otherdrive.blogspot.com

segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

ebay: 1978 Bedford CF 250 - Australia

This nice custom CF just popped up on ebay Australia. Those rims and tires just look bad ass! The fender flares and matte black paint job give it mean look. I don't know if I like those huge window deflectors... but the bubble windows in the rear are nice. In the interior there's a custom engine cover with plexiglass top so you can see the inline 6. Those door handles look like they belong in a handicapped bathroom...

Starting bid: AU $5,000.00
Item location: Busselton, Western Australia, Australia
Ebay Item number: 140920009211

sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2013

ebay: Bedford CF2 - UK

"Bedford cf2 250p. C reg 1985. Petrol. 1890 genuine miles.
1 other former keeper. Current owner since March 1987.
Mechanically sound and in reliable occasional use up until November of last year when it failed its MOT due to the folliwing body / chassis issues:-
Nearside rear ( rear mounting ) body or chassis has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mounts ( 6.1.B.2)
Nearside rear ( front mounting ) body or chassis has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30 cm of the body mounting ( 6.1.B.2)
Offside rear ( floor by fuel filler pipe ) body or chassic has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30 cm of the body mountings ( 6.1.B.2)
Nearside rear ( wheel arch and sill ) body has a sharp edge caused by corrosion ( 6.1.C.1)
Offside rear ( wheel arch ) body has a sharp edge caused by corrosion ( 6.1.C.1)

We've decided that it's not economically viable for us to pay for these items to be repaired, but I suspect that if you are a competent welder then these are probably fairly easily fixed.
Rear door pair need adjustment / repair ( we normally tie back with rope incase they pop open ).
General condition of van reflects its age. E.g has had panels resprayed over the years, there are numerous dents and bumps, tear in interior canvase ceiling, rust etc etc. would make a good restoration project.
Viewing prior to auction end is recommended. Any questions, please ask. Please bare in mind that the van has no MOT and the tax runs out at the end of this month.
No time wasters please. This van is around 27yrs old and has been well used so dont expect showroom condition !
Van is located in Bath where it has been kept overnight in a open fronted garage since 1987 ( probably one of the reasons that this panel van has lasted so long )."

Item location: Bath, Avon, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 150995846673

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Dream Warrior - Part III

I found this photo of Robb Howard's "Dream Warrior", a really beautiful CF that was part of the Australian custom van scene. This van still exists but in really bad shape. It was on ebay Australia but it didn't sell.
More here: http://bedfordcf2van.blogspot.com/search/label/Dream%20Warrior

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Bedford CF V8 [1983]

"I built this van in 1983.
I purchased a one owner Bedford CF 1978.
It was white.
2.3ltr petrol engine.
It had sliding doors.
No side loading door.
I totally transformed the van into a high speed cruiser.
It is powered by Rover V8 engine and five speed box.
I still have the van in this condition and intend to put it back on the road this year as its 30th anniversary."

Gresham Flyer

Best of Show - 1983 Truckfest South West

Source: www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/forum

sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2013

Van Craft Easy Roller aka Freedom Machine

I did some research to find out more info on the Van Craft Easy Roller kit I just posted.

"Easy Roller" wasn't just a bolt on kit for your Bedford CF.
It turns out that there was a customized van called "Easy Roller" and it was the main prize in a Radio 3XY / Coca Cola summer promotion. Actually there were 3 identical vans given away in Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales but only the one in Victoria was called Easy Roller while the other 2 were called "Freedom Machine".

This sticker below say's Freedom Machine but you can see it's the same Easy Roller shown above.

Here are a couple of promotional shots from 1979:

One of the original Easy Roller's popped up on flickr a few years ago. In the comments you can read that another Easy Roller/Freedom Machine is stored away in a garage.

Here are a couple of photos I found on Buga of the Easy Roller above before it was stripped. Note that it say's Freedom Machine... The previous owner had the original Easy Roller stickers replaced with Freedom Machine ones because he preferred that name.

I also found a topic on the Vanning Australia forum of what seems to be the restoration on the above mentioned van. The last update was last summer.

There is a lot of confusion with the names Easy Roller and Freedom Machine. The original Freedom Machine was this one below.  It was also given away at a previous Radio 3XY / Coca Cola promotion. As you can see it's a completely different customized Bedford CF. That's the reason why the new one was called Easy Roller but for some reason 2 of the 3 vans maintained the Freedom Machine name.

 These photos seem to be of the original Freedom Machine and it's believed to have been scrapped. 

And finally, John Evans is one of the pioneers of Australian vanning and was behind Van Craft and these vans. He still has a Bedford CF called "Magic Bus" and drives it all over Australia raising money for charity.

"John Evans is widely regarded as the Godfather of Australian Vanning. With 40 years in the industry and famous for personal rides Tangerine Dream, Reincarnation and Tangerine Dream II, John was inducted into the Majestic Vanners Vanning Legends 'Hall of Fame' in November 2012. He was an original partner in Vancraft and built the Easy Roller and Freedom Machine Bedfords in the 70's and continues his tradition of automotive artistic excellence via his current business Racepaint/Fleeting Image. A true Gentleman and legendary Vanner."

For Sale: Van Craft front end - Australia

These fiberglass front ends were a popular modification in Australia back in the day. I believe these kits were called "Easy Roller" and made by Van Craft. The hood and rear fender flares would probably be a part of the kit as seen on a few custom CF's below. Get this one for $150.00 in Bayswater, WA
Link: www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bayswater/auto-body-parts/bedford-cf-fibreglass-front-end-/1011203649