sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

50 Years of Bedford in Australia (1981)

Here is an article from CUSTOM VANS & TRUCKS, No. 23 written by Norm Darwin.
I found these scans on the BUGA site and was hoping to learn some history about the Bedford CF in Australia but the article mainly focuses on Bedford trucks. It's an interesting read nevertheless.

It start's off like this:
"1981 saw Bedford celebrate 50 years in Australia. In that time the Bedford range of trucks established itself as a reliable workhorse. In recent times Bedford's have been slowing losing ground to the Japanese imports, GMH even launched its ISUZU range of trucks back in 1972 with Bedford badging to capitalise on the established name."

By the way, GMH does not mean "Gives Me Hope"... it was the initials for GM Holden Ltd, a subsidiary of GM in Australia. You also notice that in 1972, just 1 year after signing an agreement with Isuzu, GM starts the rebadging process that will end up killing the Bedford brand.
Towards the end of the article the CA and CF are finally mentioned:

"Meantime the CA van, having been stretched in 1960 to 102" wheelbase as well as 92". In 1969 the CA was replaced with the CF, GMH continued to import the panels and assemble the vans at Dandenong on the truck line. Two wheelbases were still available and 140". GMH also engineered their own Holden 6 cylinder engines into the CF van in 1972. This proved a popular move. However the rear axle ratio was a bugbear for the recreational enthusiast. GMH commenced shutting down the Bedfords in 1980 and by June 81 had eliminated all models from the assembly lines."

Well this certainly explains why you hardly see any CF "facelift" models in Australia. GMH shut down the operation right when the new model came out. The 6 cylinder engines mentioned were also unique to Australia. In Europe you could only get 4 cylinder engines.
It's funny how he mentions the "recreational enthusiast" because at the time, the vanning scene in Australia had reached it's peak and the CF was the van of choice. So why shut down the CF operation? They could of at least imported it since they were still being built in the UK up until 1987.
The worlds largest community of current CF owners seems to be in Australia so that really indicates the CF's popularity and how GMH made a bad judgement call stopping production of the Bedford CF. 

quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

ebay: Cavalier Coachman [Ex Sir Stirling Moss]

Up for auction on ebay is a Cavalier Coachman built Bedford CF2. These conversions are quite rare nowadays and I usually post them here when one shows up. This one however seems to be even more rarer as it's the first LWB version I have seen. Now I am no expert on these but looking at the tall narrow windows and characteristic stripe paint job it seems legit. Something quite unique about this one is the custom rear door. Could this van have been a limited edition or a one-off custom build? To add to this van's specialness, the seller says it was previously owned by the famous racing driver of the 50's - Sir Stirling Moss!

Being a Cavalier Coachman it's very well equipped, with a complete custom interior including captains chairs, curtains and electric windows! It's also got all the camping amenities you could expect.
There's no mention of what the engine is but it should be the 2.3L slant engine with ZF 5 speed. The seller does mention that it has a LPG conversion and air-conditioning, nice!
It also has some nice aluminum wheels that look like they are mounted on PCD adapters.

It was restored five years ago (the seller has photos to prove) but all is not good... for some reason it was "abandoned" outdoors and the elements started doing there job... Unfortunately there is rust corrosion on all the expected areas of the body that will require some body work including removing the windshield to repair rust in that area. You can also see in the photos the interior cloth is damaged with mold from the humidity.
Even considering the negative points this is still a great and unique van worth owning and it should sell for a good price as the bidding is indicating. It's located at Menai Bridge, Isle of Anglesey, UK.
Check it out:

sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

Vende-se: Bedford CF250 1982 - Loulé

Este ano tem aparecido um numero grande de CF's no mercado em relação a anos anteriores. Este que mostro aqui é o 5º que encontrei este ano à venda em Portugal.
Trata-se de um CF250 de 1982 que o dono começou a restaurar e não acabou. Ele diz que apenas falta acabar o interior e fazer inspeção. Nas fotos não parece que foi pintado de novo...
Não refere o numero de lugares mas pelos vidros laterais deve ser 7 lugares.
O preço que pede é 2000€ o que não é muito se realmente estiver toda restaurada em condições.
Está localizada em Loulé.


terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

Thirsty Work - The Lower Van Diaries

I just now found a blog about a Bedford van called "Thirsty Work". The van belongs to LOWER - a fashion clothing brand in New Zealand. It's been around for a couple of years but unfortunately it looks like it's coming to an end as they are selling the van.

"This is truly the end of an era for us. Our Bedford van which has been apart of Lower for over 2 years is up for Sale. It has been a great vehicle for us and a real mascot but it’s time to say good bye and move on. She shall be missed. It is for sale on trade me here if you know anyone that would be keen get them bidding."

If your reading this in New Zealand and are looking for a Bedford van, here's a good one. It's a 1979 Bedford CF250 with a Red Six VK Commodore Engine and Tri-matic auto. With very little custom work, the red paint and turbine style wheels are enough to make it stick out.

Check out the Thirsty Work blog to see it's story:

quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

ebay: Opel Bedford Blitz camper + Opel Senator 3.0

Here's an interesting Bedford project for sale in Germany. The van is a 1977 Opel Bedford Blitz with the 2.1L diesel engine. It's a camper variant and needs some small body work and new paint to look like new but the interior is what's in worst shape. It looks like the camper equipment has been gutted.

Also included in this ebay deal is an Opel Senator B that has a 177hp 3.0i engine with 93400 original kms. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

The good thing about a project like this is you can take it in several directions - restore it to an original camper, turn it into a passenger conversion van since it has windows all around or go full custom with the paint, interior and engine swap.

EUR 2.399,00
Artikelstandort: Brimmingen, Deutschland
Artikelnummer: 251011691457

sábado, 3 de março de 2012

Vendo: Bedford cf con modifiche

This is one crazy CF! I don't even know where to start... The exterior has been completely re-worked and greatly exaggerated in some levels. The wing on the sun-visor and the scoops on the fenders are really over the top. This van really looks mean with all the mods and black color. The customization continues in the inside. The walls and ceiling are covered with zebra skin patterns and there's a fridge bar and bench/bed in the rear. The engine was also swapped for the Frontera 2.3 Turbo intercooler for more power.
If your looking for a crazy Italian style Bedford van than this one could be for you.

"bedford cf del 76 con modifiche: parafanghi allargati minigonne,presa d aria sul cofano alettoni davanti e dietro scalette spoiler interni tigrati con posto frigo bar divano letto sedili girevoli tavolino qualche difetto di ruggine all esterno ma completamente restaurato di scocca.. impianto elettrico un po da risistemare e ricontrollare ignettori e turbina.§(parlo di turbina perche al posto del motore originale ho messo su un 2300cc turbo intercooler del jeep frontera.prezzo nn trattabile."

Prezzo: 6.500 €


quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

ebay: 1987 Customized Bedford CF Van

You might have noticed "1987" in the title and think I made a mistake but I didn't. The front end of this CF has been changed to the older CF1. That's not all that was changed, the CF has been heavily customized. The front bumper is custom, the fender flares tuck in nicely the wide steel wheels, the gutter rails have been removed, the side door is gone as are the rear doors and some custom round tail lights finish off that smooth rear section.
Under the hood you can find 3.5 Rover V8 blowing out of chrome side pipes. The gear box is automatic and the front axle and rear IRS come from a Jaguar. This all seems nice but this van still needs a lot of work including the interior. Looks like a good starting point for someone with skills to finish it off.
There's several bids already showing some interest in this project. Lets see where it ends.

location: cowdenbeath, Fife, United Kingdom
Item number: 130653649531