domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Junkyard Sunday's


ebay: Bedford CF2 Dormobile LPG - UK

"So here we have my Bedford CF2 camper, I bought this off ebay in 2013 it was white and hearing aid beige, It had been off the road for about 12 months mainly due to requiring welding which has all been completed, its also had engine, gearbox and diff oils changed new front brake pads 1500 miles ago, new upper front ball joints & rear brakes stripped checked cleaned and adjusted. This van boasts the 2 liter upright in line four petrol engine (loads better than the slant four) which has been converted to run on LPG meaning it now returns much better miles per £££.
The only reason I've decided to sell my van is that I'm not using it enough due to other commitments, the insurance is due and i'm a bit skint, and there really is too much stuff on my drive.
The interior is perfectly functional, however it has been chopped about a bit by a previous owner so don't expect a 100% original dormobile conversion , the roof is watertight, all the lights, cold water, 3 way fridge, hob, grill, microwave, TV 240 hook up, split charge, mains charge, electric heater, and zig unit all work great.
Before I had the van painted I fitted a carver cascade 2 water heater into the off side under one of the seats but never got round to piping/wiring it in, however I did bench test it and all was fine apart from the LED's on the control panel were a bit intermittent.
The marks on the hammock are from where the frame has gone a little rusty with condensation, the hammock is of my own construction and is very strong (managed with 15 stone of me no bother) but I never got round to painting the frame It all comes to bits and the fabric should wash. Same as I never got round to putting a head lining back in the cab.
The paint is two pack RAL1018 Zinc yellow and ford diamond white (if you need to do any touch ups this is all available off ebay) the paint job is not the best in the world, the door apertures still need painting and the sills could do with a coat of stone chip but it looks 110% better than welding and hearing aid beige.
The van is MOT'd until April 2016, and I would have no problem driving this van anywhere in England (If I had any insurance).
Please bare in mind this is a 29 year old Van Viewing is recommended that way you can make your own mind up about any mods.
In short a very use-able van that requires a little finishing off.
Any Questions, Don't hesitate to contact me via E bay.
Happy bidding!"

Starting bid: £400.00

Location: Rotherham, United Kingdom

Ebay item number: 331534186669

terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2015

For sale: Embossed Flames Bedford CF - Italy

Have you ever seen embossed flames? This 1979 CF poptop camper has some very slick body work. The flames are either made with fiberglass or embossed directly on the sheet metal and they are all painted white for a ghost in effect. Impressive work!

"Bedford Cf 250 del 79' motore retificato. Il furgone è stato camperizzato in collaborazione con la casa dalla london motor caravans, un esemplare unico modificato anche esteticamente con fiamme in rilievo e presa d'aria sul cofano, cerchi in lega e bulloni antifurto, impianto stereo, bullok antifurto e booster caricabatterie. Allestimento camper con tetto sollevabile, cucinino, lavello, frigorifero, stufa, 4 posti leto, tavolino, veranda."

9.000 €


segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

For Sale: Bedford CF "Custom Liner" (NZ)

The "Custom Liner" is up for sale again. I posted it here about 3 years ago.

"GMC 6 Wheeler Minitruck. 5 litre 4bbl 308 cu in engine, 3spd Trimatic Auto, Bedford Diff with Cresta crown wheel and pinion. Full brake overhaul,(new cyls, shoes and seals, shoes machine matched to drums) all 6 wheels are braked. New handbrake cables. Fully operational Air horns. Stainless Steel Stacks (operational). CD Radio and CB radio. Lots of LED lights. Turntable fitted (never been used). Fully operational sleeper cab with personalised linen. Storage under bed. Tach, water, Oil and air pressure gauges. Electric fan. Build photos showing all stages of build done by engineer, all certified. Rego and Wof currently on hold. This truck stops traffic wherever it goes and gets photographed constantly. Comes with spares,( to many to list). This is a chance to own a one of a kind vehicle which has cost in excess of $40000.00 so far . Would consider deal on Pickup, custom vehicle or stockcar plus cash. May consider an advertising deal for Truck to be painted in company colours and used for advertising purposes."

Asking price: $25,000 Or Near Offer
Located in Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand


sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2015

SBCC BatchMobile

Photo © Dave Kirwin -

A fully stock Bedford CF2 panel van parked in Brighton, UK. Someone switched the Bedford logo on the grille to "SBCC". Hummm, I wonder what that stands for?
Some googling later, and I discover that it's parked on
Jubilee Street, right near the Small Batch Coffee Company. Being so stealth looking this doesn't seem a great promotional vehicle... but I did find some other photo on there facebook page with the logos on the doors:
"The new BatchMobile! #iAintGettinOnNoPlaneFool "

terça-feira, 14 de abril de 2015

For sale: Bedford CF Project Van - South Africa

"Bedford CF2. (A-Team theme)
Ford v6 with branches.
Auto box needs attention.
4 Wheels with rims on van, extra 4 Magwheels.
Inside stripped. 2x GTI seats still to be fitted
All parts are there. Registered and license up to date
No rust.
Listen how it sounds:"

Year: 1982
Kilometers: 12345
Transmission: Automatic
Location: Northern Pretoria, Pretoria / Tshwane


quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

Vende-se: Bedford CF de 1979 - Portugal

Este Bedford CF de 1979 esteve à venda há cerca de 2 anos e agora aparece de novo no mercado. Possívelmente foi restaurado nessa altura, a pintura parece estar muito boa nestas fotos. O ponto forte deste CF é que é de 7 lugares. Os bancos originais foram trocados por uns de pele de um monovolume. Por isso a disposição original 3+4 passa agroa para 2+2+3, com mais conforto nesses bancos individuais mas a ultima fila não tem janelas laterais.
Uma outra curiosidade é uma secção do tecto que abre para cima, como um especie de tecto elevado numa autocaravana. Não parece que seja muito util ou pratico da fora que está. Seria optimo fazer essa peça em acrílico e assim ter um tecto panoramico que dava bastante luz para os lugares de trás.

Quilómetros: 119000
Preço € 5.000,00
Concelho: Torres Vedras