terça-feira, 8 de junho de 2010

ebay: 1980 Cavalier Coachman Conversion

This is the second, very rare, Cavalier Coachman Conversion I find on ebay.uk in the last couple of months. The other one was in the brown/gold color scheme and sold pretty cheap.
This van had the 2.3 litre petrol engine completly rebuilt in '95 with the owner claiming "plenty of trailer/caravan pulling power, if a little high revving at high speeds giving a comfortable touring speed of 65 returning 20-25mpg." The van was retired in '98, however the owner says that it's started 3-4 times a year. 
As you can see in the photos a complete tear down and rebuild is necessary to get rid of all the rust but this is certainly a good base for a cool restoration or custom project.
Unknown reserve price.

ebay Item number: 280518082119

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  1. The bids went up to £205 but the reserve wasn't met. It was relisted and the bidding went to £250 but again the reserve wasn't met.