domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2016

Ebay: 1971 Bedford CF Camper - UK

This Bedford Pop Top Camper is for sale on ebay UK. The seller leaves no information in the description but looking at the photos you can see right away that it needs some serious body restoration. There is actually duct tape covering up rust... it matches the grey paint... The good thing is that the starting bids are very low and it's probably going to be sold for a cheap price. The interior seems to be all there and it also has some steel Weller rims. Makes a good Rat Rod style van or a restoration project if you want to spend a lot of hours with a welder.

Starting price: £0.99

location: Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

eBay item number: 172083392226

quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2016

Ebay: Custom '73 Bedford CF V6 Camper - UK

Check out this crazy custom CF! This one is a true survivor and one of the most eye-catching customs I have posted here before. See the photos and read the description below. If you have the cash to bid don't hesitate!

"James Dean, cool, right?
Shaft's 'fro, pimptastic, no?
Amateurs. That's what they are.
You want the pimpest of all pimpage? the hottest of all rods? 70's retro coolness at it's finest? well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is.
This original TAX EXEMPT CF 'vintage survivor' camper has that kind of weird aura that has so far changed every single "What the hell is that?" into "That is mental - I love it!!!" without fail, it's bonkers! (but that good kind of bonkers that your life needs right now)

So, the short n curly's.....

Rumour has it, it was built in the late 70's as a hot rod camper, complete with a 3.0 Ford V6!!! you should hear the beast roar!!! some SERIOUS time, effort and money has gone into building this!!!
After that we were told some long haired, furry bearded musician dude lived out of it for a while, then over the next few years it was stored/driven/loved (but hopefully not too much!) until I came across it...
I don't have to tell you how rare original 70's hot rod survivors are, especially when they're campers, so to find something like this sent me reaching for the porn 'tashe and plumbing gear with a big, daft grin on my face! yep, rumour has it, the last original 70's pimp wagon disappeared with Donald Trump's real hair and Hitler's joke book.....

So what's inside? 70's retro cheesyness. and 57 dead tigers. (ok so the tiger bit isn't true) Yep, you get a full length furry tiger sofa, which, when Barry White hits the airwaves, turns into a cosy double bed (complete with handcuffs for handles)... then, along with the underbed storage, on the left you get even more storage, a sink and draining board, a full size vintage cooker/stove/oven (untested but comes plumbed to a gas bottle so has been in use!) then (and here's the good bit) it comes equipped with a TV, DVD player AND a log burning stove!!! YEAH, YOU HEARD ME! A FULLY WORKING LOG BURNER!!!!!!! so you can be in the middle of The Highlands in the middle of winter with 6ft of snow outside, and you'll be sat in your shorts n vest with the fire roaring and Starsky n Hutch on the TV!!!
Oh and did I mention it's got twin roof mounted solar panels wired in? well, it has... and a disco ball..... yep, it's THAT cool.....

And the fun doesn't stop at the back either! up front you get two fully rotating tiger hugging pimp seats, quite possibly the UK's only tiger skin dash and a chicken for a gearstick. yep, you change gear with a rubber chicken. I know, it's a "Shut up and take my money!" kinda situation right now, well hold on to your britches, we're heading to the outside...

The front is a one piece flip-front which either hinges forward or for maintanance/repairs it completely removes! on the drivers side you get a pretty awesome sliding door (remember the milkman cruising with his open??) and a set of full on A-Team alloys with mahooosive tyres at the back giving it a cooler-than-funk stance! (the alloys are a fortune themselves!) then headed round to the tradesman's, you'll see custom rear lights, one piece back door (shaved), custom bar, side windows, and up top you've got windows, sunroof, solar panels, skylight and an extending chimney! all 70's!!!

So hang on, if it's this awesome, why am I not cruising the strip with my freshly oiled pimp 'tashe and crisp flares ready for some camper rockin' ladies-a-plenty action?
well, I found it, went giddy, bought it and figured I'd take it in for an mot (it only ran out a bit over a year or so ago, after only covering 373 miles!) and go all Shaft on it's ass, but after it sitting at my workshop for a few weeks, I showed the Mrs, she threw large objects at my head, and I figured for my safety it's best to let it go before she finds a gun...

Make no pimp bones about it, it's a project with retro paintwork that's got cracks n scuffs etc, but a good machine polish would help loads! and being a vintage van it's an interesting drive! no electric windows/power locks or steering/stereo with bluetooth, in fact, there's not much anything! but that's the best bit! less to go wrong..... (but don't expect a Bentley!) mot wise I'm no mechanic by any means, but aside some play in the steering (ideally it needs a rack, or this one adjusting, but there's a refurbished one on here at the min for £50 or best offer and with the flip front off it's right in view and easy reach - my 2 year old could swap it!) and the horn works when it feels like it (a dicky connection??) but seeing as it's only done 373 miles since its last mot, I can't imagine anything more than a weekend's tinkering to get it a fresh ticket! but that said, I've only driven it about 10 miles or so, so head over for a brew n a view to make your own mind up.....

Now it's home, and I'm sleeping with one eye open, I could do with it going, so timewasters, please go play in the traffic! if you're genuine, cool beans, head on over n we'll chat about it, but the whole "I'm so sorry but my 3 year old's pet parrot sneezed which scared the cat who clawed the mother-in-law who screamed which activated the sprinkler system which dripped on the laptop which made it bid by mistake" excuses will not wash (geddit?) so it's simple, you bid you buy, sold as seen (and because there's no mot I've got to legally cover myself and say it's 'spares/repairs'.... oh and because I've had to deal with the infamous turkey ticklers in the past, I'll now require £100 deposit via paypal and contact IMMEDIATELY after auction ends (within 1 hour or it'll be offered to the next bidder) and collection within 3 days - NO EXCEPTIONS!!! (and because it's got no tax, mot or insurance and could do with the rack playing with, I'd strongly advise towing/trailering/recovery trucking or A-framing it away, but, once you own it it's up to you, not my circus, not my monkeys n all that...)
and, well, that's it!

Want to be the coolest looking mofo on the planet? want women to fall at your feet all undressed n stuff? want to hear the Shaft theme tune in your head everywhere you go?
then you know what to do....."

Starting price: £0.69

location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom

eBay item number: 222008953113

sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

ebay: 1981 Cavalier Coachman CF Camper - UK

Here is a rare 1981 Cavalier Coachman conversion van, the "Stratus High Top" model to be exact. If you were looking for a original one, unfortunately this one has been painted black... but all CF's in black seem to look cool. This is a great camper with a £1,350 starting bid on ebay.

"Bedford CF1 Facelift. Rare Cavalier Coachman conversion with a high top.
1981, 2.3l petrol, 4 speed manual transmission. 2 berth
I've had this van about 4 years and had a fair bit of fun with it, but work and a wife means it's time for this to go. In the time I've had it, I've had the bodywork repaired and had it resprayed (£2000), it has been reupholstered (£1200), I've put a new petrol tank and filler hose on (£70), I've redone the electrics on the leisure side, with a new control unit, plenty of 12v outlets and a split charging system. It has a two way fridge (12v when the engine is running and gas), 2 ring gas hob and grill. All gas piping was renewed by the previous owner by a corgi fitter. Also had a full set of brake cylinders fitted in late 2014
It has recently had a new starter battery, starter motor, fuel pump and idle valve solenoid, and now runs better than it did when I was using it.
All that I can see wrong is that it is tired due to being 35 years old, the reversing lights don't work (I haven't been able to source a switch) and one of the rear number plate illumination lights doesn't work. There was an issue with the rear light clusters, but a bit of tinkering fixed that.
As mentioned, it has no MOT, but I believe it will not take much to get it through. I could MOT it myself, but, a, I'm too lazy and b, I'd have to up the price."

Location: Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Starting bid: £1,350.00

eBay item number: 321987136577

terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2016

Vends: 1975 Bedford CF A-Team - France

Here is another A-Team styled Bedford for sale, this time in France. This one seems to be an older customization, maybe form the 80's, and it's seen better days. I particularly like the red interior with the custom dashboard. It seems to be in fair shape and the seller say's it has no rust but it really needs a complete makeover. The price is really good too, since it already has all of the hard to find parts - fiberglass flares, sun-visor, Weller wheels and so on.

Prix : 800 €
Ville : Nancy
Code postal : 54000
Année-modèle : 1975
Carburant : Diesel
Boîte de vitesse : Manuelle

Description :
"A vendre 800Euro(s) dans l etat ,je ne ces pas s'il demarre (a l arret depuis quelque année), la clé est perdu , il y a les papier de conformité francais (véhicule néerlandais) point de rouilles sur les bas de portes arriere et le bas de caisse"


segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2016

For Swap: Bedford CF A-Team project - UK

This Bedford CF is available for trade for a classic car or motorcycle. As you can see in the photos it's got a A-Team inspired them going on but it's still in project phase (or "rat look" as the owner calls it) so you could build it up as you like. Some positives is it already has the fender flares and wide wheels.Check the details below.

Location: West Midlands - Brownhills
Swap Value: £2.000+
Description: Easy project. Starts and drive. Rat look A-Team. Needs very little to finish. Got most part including side window. Front grill and bumper missin
I want to swap for - Classic cars or motorcycle only