segunda-feira, 24 de julho de 2017

The most expensive Bedford CF2 van?

Ok, so it's time to reflect on this ebay auction that went down a few weeks ago. I posted this auction here and over the following days started seeing the bids climb in a sort of a bidding war. £10,400.00 has to be a new record for a Bedford van!

Over the years I have seen a few mint examples struggle to sell for a decent amount on ebay. This van back in 2011 comes to mind. Another mint CF was listed at £8,991.00 back in 2011 but I don't know if it ever sold. A year later another great CF sold of only £1,500.00...

Ealier this year a immaculate CF2 was listed for £5,995.00 and a pick-up CF has been available for £10,000.00 for the past 6 months. Have the classic car collectors finally found interest in the CF? Does this mean that it has now become economically viable to restore CF's to original stock condition?
With so many CF's scrapped over the years and heavily customized, the numbers of original vans have finally reached a level that is starting to push the value way up.

Conclusion: Original stock CF's are now more valuable than customized CF's. If you have an old CF that your thinking about fixing up, you now have to think twice about modifying it or restoring it back to stock form.

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