segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

ebay: 1987 Bedford CF2 diesel

Let me start off by saying this van is in my top5 list of original CF's. It's not mint - and the seller mentions that- but looks to be in very good shape. Being a 1987 model, the last year the CF was produced and being kept in a garage for the last 7 years helps a lot. It also looks 99% original which will please the classic car fans. That 1% of molestation seems to be those modern seats that have been stuffed in there. 

There are also a couple of features that make this CF desirable besides being rust free. The 2.3 diesel engine wasn't the preferred choice in the UK but with the fuel prices these days it sure is more economical to drive and with only 81,000 miles on the clock you don't need to worry about the engine for a long time. Being the CF2 it has of course disk brakes up front and I suspect the ZF 5speed transmission for easy cruising.
Bur most of all what makes this CF2 a rare find are the sliding front doors on both sides.

If your interested in this one don't let it get away! Item number: 190665242959

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