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ebay: Bedforf CF V8 Rat Rod - UK

Where to start on this van? It probably was a nice custom van many years ago but now it's in very rough shape. It has rust, cracked body filler all over the place... It fits the "rat rod" category almost perfectly. It needs a lot of work including rebuilding the engine and interior. If your up to the task the starting bid is only £500.

"Bedford cf 3.5 rover v8 auto
starts drives been stood for 2 years and needs work to put back on the road
needs engine rebuild as noisy at high revs but another block comes with it with fresh looking hone marks, also comes with spare good rear axle and if wanted another one that broke the input shaft but this one has higher ratio and bigger drums that it really needs have 2 front half leather escort gti seats to go with it plus some other bits n bobs if i can find them in garage all the running boards and arches are metal the arches are shaped with filler and need redoing the back well the rear doors have been welded in but far from flush it had a lot! of filler to make the shape but had cracked and when started to sort it ended up taking most of it out and as temp put hardboard over to make shape n this has now gone soft which is why the back looks so bad The paint is not good on any of the van and needs redoing the front bumper is all metal but was damaged when towing see pic
i believe the wheels are from a lotus with 195/70r14 front 255/70r15 rear one front tyre is new the other is ok rears are just legal but need beads sealing as dont hold air this thing is wide 6'6 front about 7' rear with wheels n tyres on it has smaller rears on for transport and storage due to others not holding air and not fitting on trailer the front doors have been cut shorter and bottom welded in the step and have metal welded over windows to give shape not just film tint when done it looks good and draws attention it is also very loud with straight through exhausts and small cherry bombs on each side"

Starting bid: £500.00
Location: Bracknell, Berkshire, United Kingdom

eBay item number: 321758711127

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