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ebay: Bedford CF V8 Recovery/Transporter Truck - UK

You can find plenty of Bedford CF recovery trucks in the UK but here is a unique one you can buy. This one was built specifically to haul around a drag racer so its got a fully covered body. The engine was swapped for a powerful V8 and its all painted in a hot rod matte black color. This is really cool truck to transport your classic car to shows or your race car to the track. 

"This truck was built by a drag racer and mechanic to take his drag cars to events safely and securely as well as doubling up as a mobile workshop, it is a long wheelbase Bedford CF MK1 fitted with a Rover V8 and Auto gearbox.
The Truck comes with Keys and V5 Logbook as well as a long MOT until 25/11/2015. It starts easily and runs well, the brakes and suspension work as they should and it is surprisingly easy to drive, I would happily take it anywhere. That said it is in need of some tlc in the form of some bodywork and a couple of other minor issues which I will detail below.

The Engine and Gearbox
It is fitted with a rover V8 and Auto Gearbox which I am told where removed from one of the previous owners drag racing cars and apparently running somewhere in the region of 250bhp. It is fitted with a Holley Carb and MSD ignition system. It starts easily and runs well, it doesn't smoke knock rattle or overheat, the gearbox also works as it should.

The Brakes, Steering and Suspension
The brakes steering and suspension all work as they should, it doesn't knock and bang or pull etc it is also fitted with a set of extra heavy duty adjustable shock absorbers on the back for if you are carrying extra weight.

The Electrics and Gauges
The truck runs 3 batteries in total (2 of which need replacing) the alternator charges well and it is also fitted with a twin solar charging system, it is also fitted with a Cobra Cat1 alarm and immobiliser system. The lights all work as they should with the exception of the indicators which don't flash, the horn also works fine. the speedo is very optimistic and the rev counter has a mind of its own, the fuel temperature and oil pressure gauges work as they should.

The Body, Cab and Chassis
The Back Body is very well built and pretty clever, as you can see it is fitted with a large double folding ramp that lowers via a winch. which is excellent for loading low cars and also has a door in the centre for access without opening the ramps. It also has 2 fold up work benches, 2 side doors and plenty of tool storage in 2 lockers mounted either side  and a large tray mounted in the centre. please note the winch pictured is not included in the sale but will be offered to the winning bidder at a reasonable price.
The Cab is what lets the truck down, it is in a poor state needing welding/repairs to the floor, gutters, pillars and probably more, that said the wings, steps and bonnet seem pretty good. also the drivers door handle/lock is broken and the passenger mirror is too (but comes with a good replacement)
The Chassis is in good condition and doesn't appear to need any work with the exception of one body mount to the front of the cab.
I think that just about cover's everything, in summary its a big old beast of a thing that I would happily drive anywhere, the cab needs work and a couple of electrical bits need sorting too.
I'm starting the auction at scrap value with no reserve, any questions feel free to ask, best of luck and happy bidding.
Couple of things I forgot to mention, the body is 4.9m long by 2.1m wide, the Lockers/side doors on the back are stiff due to lack of use, the windscreen wipers are rubbish, the radio is crap and it comes with a box containing a few spares."

Starting bid: £250.00
Location: Liss, Hampshire, United Kingdom

eBay item number: 301630358022

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