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Vend: Bedford cf 250 - France

I really like the way this CF is built up, very simple yet aggressive look. On the exterior there aren't really many mods but enough to change it completely. The sunvisor and fender flares are what you would expect but the front bumper has been replaced with a custom piece that is very simple but offers the biggest change. Then the black turbine style mags with white letter tires match the van perfectly.
There are a couple of details that I don't like so much... The Chevy badge on the grille needs to be removed. Even though the Bedford and Chevrolet brands are both in the GM family they are different vans and shouldn't be confused. I also noticed a pair of air horns on the roof. I'm not a fan of that trucker look and I would put them under the van where they belong. And on the rear I don't know what they were thinking with those tubular bumpers. They don't match the van at all and should be removed and left bumper-less.
There's only one photo of the interior and it's basically empty. The walls have been covered, there are some small wooden benches over the wheel wells for storing some tools, the seats have been replaced with racing style ones and it has an overhead console with the radio and lights.
On the mechanical side it's listed as having a gasoline engine (probably the GM 2.0) with only 50,000 kms. Being a 1986 model it has the ZF 5-speed and disk brakes up front. Overall this is a very interesting street van and seems to be in good shape.

Prix : 3 900 €
Ville : Lédenon
Code postal : 30210
Année-modèle : 1986
Kilométrage : 50 000 KM
Carburant : Essence

Description :
"Vend bedford cf 250 de 1986 , ct ok , alternateur neuf, jante alu , pompe a eau neuve , vidange ok ,trompe de klaxon , siege semi baquet neuf , donne avec la revue technique , toutes les factures depuis plus de 20 ans , donne un train de pneu . Prix 3900Euro(s) tel : ou"

Link: www.leboncoin.fr/utilitaires/303975411.htm

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