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ebay: A-Team CF, again...

Another Bedford CF A-team replica for sale? This one is in Ireland and it isn't the first time I have seen it. It was on ebay back in January and I posted it here.

Here is the seller's creative description:
"In 1984 a crack commando van was built for a working life but it had to commit. This van promptly escaped from a maximum life of work to a workshop somewhere in a town in England. Today still wanted by a new owner it survives as a replica van of B.A's' .

If your looking a van like this if you cant find another maybe you can buy my A-Team van

Hi,Good morning, good evening. Ola, Bonjour or indeed hello,

Today (yesterday actually but don’t tell today) I have decided to put up for sale my 1984 Bedford cf A-Team van replica. For those of you who don’t know what the A-Team is it was an American tv show run from 1983-1987. Possibly still shown on a T.V channel somewhere near you (this is unconfirmed).

There is also a movie called the A-Team. Which I saw while sitting beside a middle aged woman in a cinema who kept looking at me strangely like she knew me or something. I wanted to look at her to because she smelled funny. I didn’t though as I was trying to avoid any unwanted attention and then out of the blue my pet monkey John who I had dressed up as Elvis stood up and started singing Suspicious Minds. I was so embarrassed, I didn’t even know he could sing. I use that term sing lightly but then if you had a pet monkey that could sing you'd be shocked. He stopped thankfully and we watched the rest of the movie. The movie was ok I thought not as good as the T.V show in my opinion. I think I missed MR T.

I later sold John my pet monkey. I think he now has a twin brother beginning with E (this is also unconfirmed).

Holly shorts maybe that’s why that lady was looking at me she must have been suspicious of John after all. Smart monkey!

There are also more unconfirmed reports of a new follow up series called the B-Team.

So now you have the background of the show perhaps I should tell you about the van itself. Well it is a 1984 Bedford CF250 van.It has a 2.2l Vauxhall Fontera petrol engine and standard 4sd gearbox. It also has the proper Vector Venom Turbine A-Team van wheels which if you have a look for on the international web you’ll most likely not find as they are so rare now even in the United States of America. (I went there once, it was good.). That said this makes them quite expensive. The van also comes with the sideskirts (I like woman in miniskirts), spoiler and side exit exhausts. I often thought about the idea of making z sideskirts open out like wings on a jet plane and inserting a flux capacitor and going back to the future like Marty McFly. To my disappointment this has so far been proven to be unsuccessful  .

If indeed the van could go back to the future it wouldn’t yet of caught the disease it has called rust. It has suffered from this disease for a while now and although I have cut bad bits out and started to put new pieces in I just don’t have the time or resources to make my dream come true so maybe somebody else out there can make theirs come true.
As you can see in the photos the van also has spotlights and a bullbar, this is a handy combination if you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage with a bull as you can look for bulls with the spotlights then invite them to your bulbar. Please drink sensibly and never ever drink and drive. However driving afterwards shouldn’t be a problem as there is plenty of room in the back for a mattress for you to sleep if you so intended.

Please note you will have to supply you're own mattress as none are included in the sale of the van.

There are also two front seats from a Vauxhall Astra GTE mk1 which also are very rare items of seatage now. However I only have one seat (the drivers seat) in place at the minute as I like to sit and listen to the theme tune of the A-Team playing through the speakers and pretending to be Mr T. You too can do this also if coming to view vehicle but please be advised my neighbours don’t like loud music.

The last time the van was taxed was in the year of 2008. The same year that Usain Bolt ran 100m in 9.72’s. Wow I wish I could run that fast. I can’t but I have been to Jamaica. Yeah Man!!

Ohh silly me I almost forgot there is also a red stripe on van this is sometimes referred to as a go faster stripe but saying as I have never had van on the road this again can not be confirmed.

Don’t forget it’s Christmas soon and what better present could you imagine if you are crazy about the A-Team than an actual A-Team van. Well? Ok maybe if you work at a desk or just happen to have one you could buy a remote control A-Team van and look at it and then when you get bored looking at it drive it around using the remote control .OMG I wonder if this remote can generate 1.21 giga watts then this could be used to control the van if it is ever turned into a time machine. If I can find my Flux Capacitor I will include it in the sale.

Van will however need to be towed away on a trailer or a transporter (not a transporter like in back to the future but that would be way cool) at buyers expense.

With such rare items as the wheels and seats and not forgetting the van itself this is why I have put a reserve on the van. Imagine the crazy fun you will get from this on the road. It has surely got to tickle someone’s fancy as they say (I fancy girls).

A deposit of £100 to be paid by paypal within 24 hours of auction closing and full payment made 24 hours before collection or cash on collection please.

Van is also advertised elsewhere so will end auction if sells before auction ends.

Thank you for looking and reading my ad for my 1984 Bedford Cf A-Team van replica and if you have any questions or wish to view vehicle please ring your local mentally ill hospital and ask for me.

Only kidding and no harm intended. Please ask though the power of Ebay"

Starting bid: £750.00
Item location: Ballynahinch, N.Ireland, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 250936397295

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