domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

ebay: A-Team CF...

Look at what is up on ebay: The A-Team van! Actually it's a replica but instead of the famous 1983 GMC G-Series it's a Bedford CF2...
This replica is pretty accurate, on the outside at least. The paint job is correct with the black bottom/gray top with the red stripe, sun-visor and lights on top, rear wind deflector, fender-flares, side steps and front skirt finish off the aerodynamics. It also has the characteristic rectangular zoomies in red and the bull bar up front. The rear license plate was frenched into the door which is incorrect, it should of stayed on the bottom. The wheels are actually the correct Turbine wheels and they were re-drilled to fit the Bedford PCD. The van is finished off with a GMC logo on the grille but if you pay attention to the movie series you will know that the logo was blacked out.

Powering this van is a 2.2L gasoline engine from a Frontera with the Bedford 4-speed manual transmission.

It has no M.O.T. or Tax and has been siting outside for a year and a half so its in rough condition. Could be worth a restoration or used for parts or just fix it up as a cheap daily driver. What ever you do get it fast because it has a cheap buy it now price!

Buy it now: £800.00
Location: Cullompton, United Kingdom
ebay item: 130475771443

Check it out on youtube:

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