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ebay: The Wise Old Owl - 1977 Custom V8 CF

Up on ebay Australia is this 1977 Custom Bedford CF called "The Wise Old Owl". It has the type of mods you would usually see in a CF down under. Up front, the grille, headlights and side markers are off a Ford and the bumper is a custom piece. It also has a front spoiler and fender flares molded into the body.
The rear doors have been replaced with a 1-piece fiberglass door and the tail lights have been swapped.
Classic oval port holes have been added on the sides.

Another classic mod is to swap the 6 cylinder inline engine with a more powerful V8. In this van a Ford 302 Windsor was chosen with a automatic gearbox. It's gas powered only with a 190lt tank but the petrol tank is still in place if you wanted to run a dual fuel system.
The wheels were changed and the seller doesn't mention this but the brakes and diff were probably modified as well.
On the inside you can see a custom fiberglass dashboard that is available for the CF. The mini fan is a tell-tale sign of no air-conditioning... 
Overall there has been plenty of custom work done to this CF but it's a little rough and body work will be needed as you can clearly see many rust spots.
The seller is asking a buy it now price of AU $9,000.00 which maybe seems a bit exaggerated.
Ebay item number: 260883182503

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