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Tribute Custom Bedford CF Truck

Tribute: Charlie Hall, left, with grandson Aden Hall, 5, and son Andrew Hall, re-built this 1978 CF Bedford van as as tribute to a mate who died.

Charlie Hall's custom built Bedford van isn't just his pride and joy, it's also a tribute to a mate who had the same dream but died before it could be realised.
The Blenheim man was at the Marlborough Truck and Trade Show near Blenheim on Sunday to show off the bright yellow 1978 CF Bedford van he spent two years re-building from the chassis up.
''You won't see one like this anywhere ... hell, yeah, I'm proud. Just look at it.''
The former truckie got the idea from a mate who started a similar project but died before he could finish it.
''This is a tribute to my mate.''
The van, cut down to a ute, is powered by a 308 Holden V8 engine and has an aerodynamic roof.
He's still working on the interior, which includes a sleeping space behind the cab.
Asked how much the re-build cost, Mr Hall was coy.
''Mum [my wife] doesn't even know that. We're 27 years together, 26 years married and she's my best mate ... [but] I don't want her to know.''
The van spends most of its time parked outside Arc-Rite Engineering in Blenheim as a thank-you to the firm's owner, who helped with the re-build, Mr Hall said.
Despite everything, the van was still for sale if the price was right, he said.
''Give me a blank cheque and you can drive it away.''

- The Marlborough Express

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