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ebay: bedford cf mitsubishi turbo project?

Wow! This is an insane project. I have never seen this type of modification done to a CF.
What this guy has done is swapped the standard engine for a SOHC 2.6L Turbo from a Mitsubishi Starian! This engine produces between 150 and 197 HP. As if that wasn't enough the gearbox and diff was also used which meant using a modified front and rear sub-frames and lengthening the prop-shaft and rear drive-shafts. 
While your at this why not modify the brakes and suspension? That is what he done also... Strut towers were welded in with the front shocks converted to Capri springs.
Look at the photos, it's just crazy but it's not finished yet. There is still a lot of work needed but this is a cool project if your looking for a fast custom CF.
The starting bid is £900.00 with a buy it now price of £1,200.00.

"hi ther welcome to my auction for my bedford cf van project i bought this van couple years ago as a standerd van and started to build a mitsubishi starian 2.6 turbo into it. Most of the major work is done the front mitsubishi subframe has been modifyed to fit, the engine and gear box mounts are made and mounted in propshaft lengthend profesanly rear subframe also modifyed and diff fitted and rear drive shafts lengthend also profesanly ther is still welding to be done to strengthen the sturt towers (see pics) and finish also the steering (as ther is non) and brakes as ther are none but all brake components present plus bias box in place of survo assit, the only changes to the engine is the tubler manifold hybrid turbo and external waste gate the engine has been runing in the van but wireing exc to be finished its got uprated front shocks converted to capri springs rear springs need replaced, when finished would be a real head turnner and very fast (not for the faint hearted) would recommend viewing"

Item location: Buckie, Moray, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 320772653896

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