terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

For Sale: The Odessa!

Look what just popped up for sale in the Rods n Sods forum - The Odessa!
One of the most well known British custom CF's of back in the day, is now suffering from rust disease and needs a complete restoration.
It won't be an easy task to bring the Odessa back to life but it's unfortunate to let this van disappear. 

This is the post from the seller:

"This is Odessa
Originally built in the '70s, for 3 decades this van was one of the Top 5 custom show vans in the UK.
Now in need of full restoration due to sitting neglected for a long time, so a good home is required.
Countless body mods, 'glass arches and spoiler, sunvisor, one-piece rear door, shortened front doors, deep sills, tube grille, full custom interior in nautical theme, swivel seats.
Rover V8 & Auto. Jag rear.
10x15 rear, 7x14 fronts.
Rust around front inner arches, footwells, roof gutters etc,
needs complete restoration but it is what it is.
No timewasters please.
Email forwardlook59@hotmail.com or 07789074403
Must go to a good home."

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