domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

For Sale: Custom CF1 in France

Check out this 1980 Bedford CF from France. It's certainly in rough shape but for 600€ it seems like a good buy. Just look at that custom paint job, it even looks good faded and those chrome Weller rims should polish up nicely. It does have some whacky accessories that should be removed like those lights on the hood and the huge 7" spotlights on the roof but worst of all is that over-the-top rear wing... I would lose that for sure. Also there is no need for a ladder if you don't have a roof rack.

"Prix : 600 €
Ville : 22430 Erquy
Année-modèle : 1980
Carburant : Essence
Boîte de vitesse : Manuelle
Camion Bedford
type 97170A
Poid T.C. 2T33
Puiss. 10
à prendre en l'état
Carte grise
à l'arrière banquette et kitchenette.
Porte latérale coté passager.
plus de renseignements par tel."


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