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For Sale: Bedford CF2 4x4

Bedford made lots of versions of the CF including a 4x4 version, many of which were used by the British Military or as ambulances or fire control vehicles. 
The 4 wheel drive was obtained by the use of the renowned Ferguson Viscous Coupling. This is how it works: "Drive to the rear wheels is permanent and drive is transmitted to the front through the coupling whenever the rear wheels start to slip and lose their grip. The transfer of torque from rear to front is progressive and shock-free."
So it's really simple to drive, the only other control besides the manual or automatic gearbox is a 2 speed transfer box. There was also a "High-Rise" option where the chassis was raised and the arches flared to fit larger 5,50x16" wheels and 7,50x16" tires. 
This 4 wheel drive version was only available after 1984 on the CF2, so production numbers were low. Finding one nowadays is very difficult.

On ebay there is your chance at a 4x4 Bedford! It looks to be in rough shape with plenty of rust but the starting bid is only £270,00. You could restore this van or just remove the drive train and suspension to modify your existing van. Check it out:

Item location: Horncastle, United Kingdom
Item number: 130514082696

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