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For Sale: CF250 Pop Top Camper

Ending in a few hours on ebay UK is this 1985 pop top camper. What's so neat about this type of van is that it looks like a regular CF. You could actually get away with using it as a daily driver without looking like your on holidays or living in it. From the outside it has some unique features that give it away as a camper but at the same time they are very discreet. First of all, the pop top. When closed you almost don't notice it and if it was painted the same color as the van it would blend in even better. Then you notice this van has no side barn door. That's a unique feature but it also makes getting into the 2 back seats a bit more complicated if your using it as a daily people carrier. Besides painting the top the same color I would tint the windows so people wouldn't see inside (and the curtains) and like I said before you could use it as a daily driver.

Inside are all the neat features of a camper van: rear seats convert into bed, table, cupboards, fridge, grill, heater, sink with water, sunroof and so on.
Powering the van is the slow but economical 2.3 diesel engine.
The seller says there are some small bits to fix and also the van was hand painted so you can look into a new paint job in the near future. Could be the van/camper you were looking for. 

Price: Reserve price not met
Item number: 260745453186
Item location: Caerphilly, United Kingdom

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