segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

ebay UK: 1985 Bedford CF Custom Camper

Looking for a custom CF? Check this one out. This 1985 CF has a mean black matt paint job with green rims and spoiler. Well I personally don't like the green but that could be resolved.
This van has plenty of custom work done which does make it look good. The fender flares are nice covering the wider white lettered tyres, chrome mirrors, twin exhausts, twin sunroof, sun visor, lights on the roof and the rear license plate moved to the door are the good exterior mods.
Inside there's a nice custom velour dashboard and in the back some cupboards and seats that convert to a bed but it looks like it needs a renovation.
Building a quality custom van is expensive, this one can be a good starting point if your on a budget and want to get into the game.

Reg. Date: 01 Mar 1985
Engine: 1,979 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Previous Owners: 7

Buy it now: £1,200.00
Location: Brierly hill, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Item number: 120690326174

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  1. It didn't sell. There was an offer of £1,000.00 but the seller declined.