domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017

For Sale: Custom Bedford CF1 V8 - UK

"Bedford cf mk1 rover v8 with weber carb conversion duel point dizzy just had water pump done and ss twin exhausts fitted rebuilt auto box starts n drives split rim alloys with new rear tyres needs bodywork and respray ( I can do for extra ) and small amount of welding for mot grp rear door swivel front seats rover sd1 dash panelled out in the back but needs covering again coz very old school I havnt had it long just bought it off ebay few weeks back but have found a van I have been after for years and don't have the space for both and before people start say I seen that for £1000 on ebay that was the start bid to much to list
call for full details tel 07 909 334 256"
>> Martin Knight

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