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ebay: Custom 1984 Bedford CF V8 - UK

Check out this fully customized Bedford CF, it's got all the goodies inside and out. Full body kit all around, some sick Western American Cyclone rims with huge offset on the rear, wrapped in BF Goodrich Radial T/A's. There's some kind of conversion going on to fit that Chevy PCD lug pattern. Under the hood there's a powerful 3.5L Rover V8 with a 5 speed transmission. Inside it's fully decked out as well. Black on black.
Someone has spend a lot of money to customize this van. Get it now on ebay UK.

"Bedford CF 1984 (Facelift) Custom Camper / Day van.
3500cc Rover v8 (from contemporary '84 Rover SD1.)
LT77 5-Speed Manual Gearbox.
Reconditioned radiator and Kenlow front fan.
Professional all-steel body kit.
Unique custom CF1/CF2 front panel.
Set of original Western American wheels.
Matching front swivel sports seats and rock and roll bed, with fitted seat belts.
Cooker and sink units.
Leisure battery.
Twin sun roofs.
Stereo unit, four speakers (+2 holes)
Looks, sounds and drives like a total bad-ass!
Currently SORN. Needs some attention. This is a project vehicle that will give rapid payback.

Starting bid: £1,495.00

Location: Downend, Bristol, United Kingdom

ebay item number: 142073612633

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