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For sale: 1982 Bedford CF Murvi custom project - UK

I remember seeing this van in the Retro Rides forum a few years ago. At the time the owner started to restore it, replacing the rotten sheet metal and making arches for the super wide offset wheels. I'm not sure what happened, if he gave up on the project or sold it to someone else but now it's for sale on ebay.
This CF was originally a "Murvi", a day van/camper converted by a specialist company back in the day. You can distinguish a Murvi by the paint job - gold with brown horizontal stripes, or silver with gray stripes. These CF's are very rare nowadays. This one has already suffered to many mods to go back to it's original state and by the time it's rebuilt and painted it won't be a Murvi anymore. But I'm sure it will make a very cool custom van for someone.

"Looking for a project?
· This is a rare 1982 Bedford Murvi CF 250 camper van not many around these days
· Engine is 2.3 petrol slant 4 this engine has been tuned, lightened and balanced
· Electronic ignition
· 4 speed with over drive
· Extra set of original wheels
· Wheels that are on the vehicle are of a vitara fat boy
· The front seats are calibre /captain chairs
· Fridge/drink cabinet/sink also a fresh water tank on board
· Sunroof in rear
· Have v5c
· Runs and drives
Van has no MOT thats why its being sold as a resto project
Will make a lovely camper van when finished needs some TLC as you and time spent which i don’t have."

Location: Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Classified Ad price: £1,100.00

Ebay item number: 181839445051

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