terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2015

ebay: 1981 Bedford CF Campervan - UK

"Bedford CF Campervan 1981 It's just passed another 12 months MOT with no advisories & the body's underneath is as solid as ever with no welded patches! It comes with a portable toilet, outstanding clean working cooker (note you will need a gas safety check before using as its a legal requirement), it has a new water pump fitted with sink, has an electric hookup & TV arial, new brakes & cylinders & it's just had 4 brand new tyres that were over £300. Our beloved Campervan that we have owned & nearly fully restored over the last 2 years, we wrapped some of the cupboards in carbon wrap but that's just our taste & if you wish to remove it you can, it's just had new carpets throughout & new curtains. So it's your turn to own a piece of history, these are very rare & offer more room than the VW campers & sleeps 4 people (1 double or 2 singles below made from the seats & 2 hammocks when the roof pops up) There is a few bits that could still be done to make it perfect but these could be done as a tinkering project over winter, the driver seat is very worn but we pop seat covers on and you don't see it (34 years of use its going to be worn) all other seats are ok and not torn. It has a Perkins Diesel engine (these things are bulletproof) and only done 96k so only just run in. It smokes a touch when you first start it and it's not been used but this clears when you are on a run (all the Perkins engine do this) will put some injection cleaner in before its sold to keep the engine in tip top condition. There are a few battle scars but for a vehicle that is 34 years old it's expected, the bruises however are nothing major that affects the vehicles performance or are they really noticeable. To date it's had the old prop & Differential removed and a Cresta Differential installed so that it comfortably does the national speed rather than having to go flat out to get there (remember when these we're built they had a top speed of 50mph), we however never go above 50 to 60 so never been raced, the speedo reads 10mph less than the actual speeds done but the clocks on these we're never calibrated, you can use a satnav for actual speed if you need to but we never bother. We had the main body resprayed as an old vintage like this needs to stand out, the old owner had the area around the front window & bumper painted with hammerite so we did the same to offer weather protection. (This is what we mean by a winter project) I've taken as many pictures as possible to help you see the vans condition but if you wish to view before buying please contact us () prior to buying, as once bought we expect payments to be made in full. The van is ready for its 1st outing when you get it so grab a bargain with low starting price & a piece of history. Our reason for sale is that we are saving for a mortgage so she has to go. I'll answer any questions or send more information if required. REMEMBER THIS IS OLD SO DONT EXPECT A NEW CAMPER THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THINGS THAT CAN BE DONE TO KEEP IT LOOKING PERFECT!"

Starting price: £2,500.00

Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Ebay item number: 191670659913

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