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ebay: "Starsky & Hutch" Bedford CF

To end 2014, here is a first on this blog: a 1972 Bedford CF with a Starsky & Hutch theme. Well, the seller of this van doesn't mention the 1970's tv series but looking at these photos the similarities with the famous Ford Gran Torino are obvious... The red and white-stripe defined the real star of that show, the car was actually nicknamed  "The Striped Tomato." (Although the stripe is not exactly the same shape on this van, it's almost a mix between Starsky and the A-Team...) It's even got the same style jelly-bean mags! The front end was also customized with what looks like a Ford XC Falcon grill. Maybe a grill more similar to the Gran Torino with quad head-lights would be nice. I also see the mirrors are missing and some original Gran Torino chrome mirrors would be perfect.
Something that's also missing is a big Ford V8 engine. It's still got the original Holden engine.
I can imagine that someone with a Gran Torino Starsky & Hutch replica would love to have this van also.

"Very cool 1972 bedford CF Van with Holden 6 cylinder and trimatic gearbox. This car is in good mechanical condition and drives well.  Recently had a new radiator and thermo fan fitted. Currently has 3 months NSW rego.  Interior was professionally restored a number of years ago, however, it is still in very good condition. This car would be perfect with a nice V8 engine, however, I do not have the time or money to complete as I have spent thousands... so it's time to sell. Vehicle will be in Canberra for the Summernats."

Buy it now price: AU $14,000.00
Item location: Bywong, New South Wales, Australia
Ebay item number: 131389536359

1976 Ford Gran Torino, from the original Starsky & Hutch tv series

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