sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2014

The Geek-Team Van

"If you thought our fleet of Honda Jazz was hard to miss, wait til you see our iconic 1981 Bedford CF-230.
Our A-Team styled van is often seen in different locations around New Zealand. Modified from its original configuration to accommodate a 5.7 litre Small Block Chevrolet V8 350 engine providing 170 horse power, you can hear it coming a mile away.
As Geeks on Wheels is a mobile service where driving is a central part of our job, it was only fitting that we should possess a toy, that is fun, and people will enjoy seeing as part of our advertising promotions and at events.
Don’t worry – There are no 'crimes that we didn’t commit', and we don’t even have a BA Baracus (Mr. T) – but…
If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find us, you can hire... The Geek-Team.
A special thanks to Antony Konnerth for the dedicated hard work of not just an ordinary mechanic – but a super hero mechanic who has helped to keep our van in tip-top condition."


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