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Custom Bedford hits the road 30 years later

This isn't a barn find because the owner knew where it was all along. Morris Mike built this custom CF in the winter of '83 and debuted it at Truckfest - Peterborough Easter weekend 1984. It went to many shows and events all over the UK and Europe and then it was stored away... 2014 marks the 30th anniversary so Mike has pulled it out of it's hiding place to hit the road again!

Wash away the dust and time travel to 1984...

1979 Bedford
Rover V8 engine.
Auto gearbox.
Uprated rear axle.
Uprated braking system.
Full custom interior.
Colour BMW Ibershott.
Custom built in the winter of 1983/84.

"Getting the van out of storage.
She was stored away in the early 1990`s.
I did get her out now and again, but not really for the last ten years.
Amazingly she started up after a battery was connected and the electric fuel pump tapped into working.
Once in the workshop the carburetors were removed and thoroughly cleaned.
Oil and filter changed.
Tank drained and fresh petrol put in.
The wheels were removed and the brakes cleaned and adjusted.
She runs a treat now. Ready for the new show season."

Morris Mike.

Source: www.rodsnsods.co.uk

Edit: Here are some old photos of this van! - http://bedfordcf2van.blogspot.com/2013/02/bedford-cf-v8-1983.html

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