quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

For Sale: 1970 Custom Bedford CF DE LUXE Camper

This is the first CF I spot from Switzerland and it's an interesting one indeed. It has some very nice custom work done like the paint color scheme and graphics and a comfortable velvet interior but it has some other questionable details like the gigantic wing and a ladder hanging on the roof. The front bumper/spoiler is a custom piece that looks like its from an old Renault 5 and it really doesn't match. The holes from the bumpers and license plate were left open. This van also deserves some mags but the best the owner could do was some ugly wire wheel imitation hub caps..
The seller refers to it as a camper, so it seems to have a toilet, sink and water tank also.
Buy it now for CHF 3'500.00

Link: http://auto.ricardo.ch/kaufen/fahrzeuge/autos/camper-wohnmobil/bedford-cf-de-luxe-97370-camper/w/an680822330/

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