sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

ebay: Custom V8 CF - UK

Here is an interesting 1980 Custom CF. If you look at it from the front or sides there is hardly any custom work done. You have to go to the rear to see some heavy customization. The rear doors have been removed and the hole rear has been smoothed. The license plate was embedded it the middle and the tail lights have also been "frenched" but they look to have a glass/plastic enclosure which is unique. I'm not a fan of that trapezoid  window but it sort of matches the parallelogram side windows.
This van also includes a very rare option for a CF - the sliding rear door.
The owner of this van wanted everyone to know that it this CF had a V8 so he put a stripe with a giant V8 on it... That would have to go, the sticker not the Rover V8 engine.
The paint looks good but it does have a couple of nasty cracks in the roof which makes you wonder about whats under the bondo... Overall the van seems in ok shape but I would count with a new paint job and some rust repair in the near future.
There's no photos of the inside but the seller mentions "Ford Scorpio electric front seats fitted and black carpeted interior". The starting bid is at £2,500.00 with a reserve price.

Item location: Chesham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 320941863229

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  1. It was re-listed with no reserve this time,
    Starting bid: £2,000.00
    Item number: 320945253782

  2. It's back on ebay with a low starting bid of 900 GBP
    Item number: 320960356207