sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

ebay: 1984 Bedford CF2 Camper - UK

This 1984 Bedford CF2 is up on auction ebay.co.uk right now. It has the 2.3 diesel engine and being a CF2 it has the 5 speed gear box and disk brakes.
It was converted into a camper with all the necessary camping equipment with the table and bed in the rear. The front seats have been switched and it has a custom dashboard with plenty of gauges. 
The high roof looks like it is custom piece. If it wasn't for that you probably wouldn't know its a camper inside. The white steel wheels are nice and the blue paint looks great. The rear plastic bumpers were shaved off and the license plate has been embedded into the door for a smooth custom look. Its just missing the chrome mirrors.

Item location: Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Ebay Item number: 180919911724

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