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ebay: Cavalier Coachman [Ex Sir Stirling Moss]

Up for auction on ebay is a Cavalier Coachman built Bedford CF2. These conversions are quite rare nowadays and I usually post them here when one shows up. This one however seems to be even more rarer as it's the first LWB version I have seen. Now I am no expert on these but looking at the tall narrow windows and characteristic stripe paint job it seems legit. Something quite unique about this one is the custom rear door. Could this van have been a limited edition or a one-off custom build? To add to this van's specialness, the seller says it was previously owned by the famous racing driver of the 50's - Sir Stirling Moss!

Being a Cavalier Coachman it's very well equipped, with a complete custom interior including captains chairs, curtains and electric windows! It's also got all the camping amenities you could expect.
There's no mention of what the engine is but it should be the 2.3L slant engine with ZF 5 speed. The seller does mention that it has a LPG conversion and air-conditioning, nice!
It also has some nice aluminum wheels that look like they are mounted on PCD adapters.

It was restored five years ago (the seller has photos to prove) but all is not good... for some reason it was "abandoned" outdoors and the elements started doing there job... Unfortunately there is rust corrosion on all the expected areas of the body that will require some body work including removing the windshield to repair rust in that area. You can also see in the photos the interior cloth is damaged with mold from the humidity.
Even considering the negative points this is still a great and unique van worth owning and it should sell for a good price as the bidding is indicating. It's located at Menai Bridge, Isle of Anglesey, UK.
Check it out:

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