quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

ebay: 1987 Customized Bedford CF Van

You might have noticed "1987" in the title and think I made a mistake but I didn't. The front end of this CF has been changed to the older CF1. That's not all that was changed, the CF has been heavily customized. The front bumper is custom, the fender flares tuck in nicely the wide steel wheels, the gutter rails have been removed, the side door is gone as are the rear doors and some custom round tail lights finish off that smooth rear section.
Under the hood you can find 3.5 Rover V8 blowing out of chrome side pipes. The gear box is automatic and the front axle and rear IRS come from a Jaguar. This all seems nice but this van still needs a lot of work including the interior. Looks like a good starting point for someone with skills to finish it off.
There's several bids already showing some interest in this project. Lets see where it ends.

location: cowdenbeath, Fife, United Kingdom
Item number: 130653649531

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  1. i was d winning bidder . and at present i have the whole van stripped bare . there was plenty of rot that came free with d van .lol but watch this space the van is getting 100% restoration,customisation

  2. Nice to hear from you, keep us updated on the progress, good luck!