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ebay: Bedford CF2 A-Team Van

This is the second Bedford A-Team replica van that I have seen on ebay. The other one was closer to real GMC van than this one is but it is still enough to turn heads. It's a 1987 model which means it was one of the very last CF2's to be made but from what the seller say's it needs some work done.
It just sold for £850.00 which seems like someone got a good deal.
Here is the sellers description:

"A hevaily modified 1987 Bedford van. This is not a GMC. It is a Bedford "97F70 Fleet van", comonly refered to as a "CF2 250 P" Registration E24TVM
I have owned this for a couple of years and had a lot of fun with it through daily use, camping trips and motorbike trips, but now it has to go. Due to a head injury, I have not been driving for a while so it has been standing for 5 months, and only started occasionally to keep it ticking over. During this time the MOT has run out, but it does have Tax untill the end of september and comes with V5 registration document.
The van is a bit old and tatty but is in good running order and I was using it daily until I hit my head. (apart from a couple of small things listed below)
The handbrake cable snapped recently at the rear section of cable that disappears into rear hub brakes. (van supplied with brick if required.)
The reverse light is not connected to the sensor at the front after some recent rewiring.
Comes with 5 spare wheels. one good one on the van, and one normal set of 4 wheels in various conditions. this means you can revert to normal wheels if you want to. I dont know much about the fat wheels that are on it, but there was no problem for the last MOT.
Comes with jack and wheel brace ready to go.
Comes with free broom handle to hold open rear door.
2 sun roofs both open in the summer, but leak a bit in the winter.
Built in 1/4 plywood bulkhead stops your gear sliding forward into the cab.
Built in side locker / bench designed to fit calor gas bottle and other usefull bits and pieces. Good foundation for a fold out bed.
(If you are interested I have a foam mattress the right size to use for a drop down bed.)
new clutch
new blower fan
new alternator
some new brakes.
tow-bar with drop plate.
New fuse box and some recent rewiring to lights and stuff.
Extra top orange marker lights are not wired in.
Obviously this van will attract attention. both from a-team fans and Bedford fans alike. It is a joy to drive and will put a smile back on your face at the end of any day. It tows a medium trailer without too much trouble. It is designed for leaded petrol, but it seems to run nicely on unleaded with the additive stuff. (half bottle included.) Also a full tank of fuel if i remember correctly."

Item location: Southampton, United Kingdom
ebay Item number: 140595596962

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