quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

For Sale: 'Wicked' custom CF2

Another custom CF up for sale on ebay UK. This one is new on the scene, 'Wicked' has been modified over the last 4 years and seems to be in good shape. Of course customizing is always something personal and you ether like it or not but this one should be to the liking of most traditional 70's Bedford fans.
The inside is pretty crazy with 2 separate areas in the back. Check out the photos.
On the outside the paint job is a not to fancy silver thunder bolts on black paint. Other extras are port holes, sunroof and chrome rims with white letter tires. The side pipes sadly, are not included in this sale.
This CF is a 1985 model and has the stock Opel 2.0 engine and 5 speed transmission.

Item location: Upton-by-Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Item number: 260795689474

2 comentários:

  1. Final bidding ended at just £987.00
    Someone is going home with a "wicked" deal...

  2. This van is back on ebay,
    Starting bid: £1,350.00
    Item number: 220893331177