sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011


I have followed the build of this CF on the Retro Rides Forum and it is for sure the coolest modern custom CF out there right now. All the way from the 4.6 Rover V8 engine to the body work and paint to the sound system, this van is done right.
There's so much to talk about on this van that it's just best that you go ahead and read the thread and look at the photos. This is van is head turner and is waiting to win some awards at car shows.

The price is quite high for a CF but if you consider all the work that has gone into it, this is certainly worth it.
The seller says that he will not put it up for sale again so it's a one time chance to own this van. If you have the money don't think twice!

You can also see photos on the Retro Power site:

Starting bid: £9,995.00
Item location: Wednesbury, United Kingdom
Item number: 280692744733

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  1. This ebay listing was going to be a one time offer but now seller has changed his mind and is now determined to sell this van.
    Item number: 280700272541

  2. The starting bid has been lowered, now GBP 8,795.00
    Item number: 280709843033