quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

It Would Have Been Cooler as a Van

I just came across this cool series of illustrations by Brandon Ortwein called "It Would Have Been Cooler as a Van". The concept is simple, he took 26 famous movie and TV vehicles and transformed them into vans. Some examples are the General Van, Back to The Future DeloreVan, Herb The Love Van, Kitt Van and Tron Van. Check them all out here: society6.com

This is my favorite piece: E.T.'s new Pimp Ride
"This Kuwahara dirt bike couldn't be more Pimp.
E.T. made a serious step up in his choice of get away ride."

These prints are also available as stretched canvases, iphone cases, laptop and ipad skins, iphone and ipod skins.
Buy them online at society6.com

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