quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010


This is probably one of the coolest custom CF's I have seen from down under.
On the exterior you notice some body work that really gives this van a unique custom look. Fiberglass fender flares have been smoothed in as well as the front bumper. Mesh behind the original grille and a small louver on the hood leaves you guessing what's powering this green machine. 
Walking around the van you also notice the lack of the side barn door and at the rear a roll pan took the place of the bumpers and license plate that has been moved up on the door. The rear lights were also replaced with some long vertical lights frenched into the body. To top off all these modifications a nice mate green paint job has been applied.

Under the hood - or should I say inside the van - there's a 5.0 V8 with fuel injection mounted to an automatic gearbox with a B&M shifter. I'm not a fan of custom gearboxes but since the V8 is so wide, the consequent custom dog house leaves no room for a clutch pedal... a usual problem with this type of engine swap making the automatic gearbox the most common solution. 
To stop this van all four brakes have been upgraded to disks.

The interior is where the fun begins. You basically have black leather bucket seats, a custom dash with VDO gauges and a 3 arm racing steering wheel. The rest is empty so you get to use your imagination and create your own custom interior.

The buy it now price is 9000 AUD.

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