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ebay: 1987 Bedford CF2 - Dual Sliding Doors - UK

"Here is a piece of history  !  This van was 1 of 18 NEW  Vans leased to LONDON TRANSPORT ADVERTISING in 1987, responsible for updating both Underground and Bus Stops with POSTERS/TIMETABLES AND ADVERTS ! Out of the 18 Vans ,this one is the ONLY one surviving ! (Its FLEET NUMBER 3343)  I have researched L.Transport Fleet Vans and have amassed a large amount of information ,along with several photos. All this will be given to the new owner ! After several owners since 1990, the Van had been sat in a dry barn around 7 years (2014 to 2019 ) Then some restoration work and recomisioning and NEW MOT obtained in early Jan.2020, then purchased by myself, from , I think, Bedfordshire. Since then, its been in regular use including local trips, Classic Car Shows and over much of Scotland. All been trouble free, happy miles (OVER 1400) and attracting much attention, especially with the RARE Sliding Front Doors, which allowed me to drive with door locked open, on hot sunny days, a GREAT feeling !   Starts easily and drives well. During my ownership, I had carried out and had professionals do further work  to improve the Van. Here is a list of some of the work been done. Professional Welding has been carried out ,to ensure its NEW  MOT PASS  until 5 JAN 2022 (Which it did ) Professional Liveries were re-created to match closely ,those used by L.T.A in 1987. (as per my research) (EASILY REMOVABLE, if you prefer not having them) I had contacted L.T.Museum, If your local to them, they may allow you to display temporarily the van in their museum ! Professionally fitted BRAND NEW WINDSCREEN and of course, a BRAND NEW W/SCREEN RUBBER SEAL. PHILIPS (G.M./Vauxhall approved) RADIO/CD PLAYER complete with ROOF MOUNTED AERIAL and TWIN SPEAKERS. New Pair of NUMBER PLATES I replaced the SEATS, fitting a Factory Fitted Option in 1987, the far superior " BOSTROM  " DRIVERS SEAT, which has multi adjustments to front and rear height and rake. (TRULY VERY COMFORTABLE on a long drive). In August 2020,I removed and repainted the Wheels. Obtained/fitted a set of Hubcaps. Obtained/fitted New Thermostat. Drained/flushed Radiator, adding Antifreeze. Changed Engine Oil/Oil Filter (used genuine Vaux. filter) Changed both Gearbox and Differential Oils, Cleaned Carb. Greased all grease nipples as reqd. Yes, there are minor improvement jobs that can be done(After all, its 33 year old) Drivers Door Lock inoperative from outside, but lockable on inside. The Front Door Rubbers are worn, when doors closed, the door edges rub against them, and recently the Headcloth above a Sunvisor  has come adrift, might glue back into position, or better still, fit a new one. The Van was first regd.. in JUNE 1987, and the BEDFORD FACTORY ceased production of these vans in June 1987, so it appears there  is a possibility, that this just MIGHT  be one of the LAST CF Vans ever made ! BY THE WAY, WHAT APPEARS AS SCRATCHES ALONG THE DRIVERS SIDE IN THE FIRST PHOTO, IS SIMPLY   REFLECTION   FROM THE ROAD MARKING LINES, ON THE ROAD !  What spares I have ,will be included with Van. Any further  sensible  questions, just ask.
Here is  your chance now, so  ONLY   bid to buy ! IT COULD BE YOURS, SELLING WITH "NO RESERVE!!!"

Starting bid: £4,600.00

location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

 eBay item number: 284169921898

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