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History: Electric CF wins US order (1985)

"FOLLOWING the success of a single evaluation vehicle, Bedford Commercial Vehicles is to supply a further 35 electric CF vans to the United States for extended operational trials.
The purchase of the vans is being co-ordinated by the US Electric Vehicle Development Corporation, which represents public utilities.
The EVDC chose the electric CF — called the GM Griffon in America — following independent tests carried out with four other manufacturers of electric vehicles.
Phase two of the EVDC programme is being carried out jointly with the Electric Power Research Institute, General Motors, Bedford and Lucas Chloride EV Systems.
It will assess the suitability of the electric CF van for fleet operations in America and establish a system for servicing it in North America and Canada.
The project will also identify potential electric van customers and develop marketing strategies to attract them.
The first six electric vans will go to the Detroit Edison power company.
Over 300 electric CF vans have already been built by Bedford at its Luton van plant and some are currently being evaluated in the UK and Europe. The Post Office is running 40 electric CFs as part of an electric van test programme (CM, November 10, 1984)."

Source: COMMERCIAL MOTOR - October 5, 1985

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