terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2015

"China Blue" Bedford - 1987 Van Show - Bunbury, Western Australia

It's always great to see some vintage footage of custom vans. Hit min. 4:54 of the video below to see the "China Blue" at the 1987 Van Show in Bunbury, Australia:

Lets have a look at the 80's Vanner style: Aviator sunglasses - check; horseshoe moustache - check; Rick Astley haircut - check; bomber jacket with van club patches - check; gold Seiko digital watch - check.

The van was completely modified some time later on and was looking like this up until last year:

China Blue's new owner (aka Vanpyre) bought it a year ago and started to rebuilt it with an all new look. It's now named the "Green Goblyn" and it's almost ready for some summer shows. You can find photos of this build on the BUGA site and a video update on facebook.

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