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Road Games (1981)

The truck driver plays games... The hitchhiker plays games.
And the killer is playing the deadliest game of all!

A proper Australian horror road-movie from the 80's has to feature a Bedford van.
I just watched the 1981 film "Road Games" and it checks off that box. The van, of course, belongs to the "bad guy" and actually is an important character in the film. It's a fully customized CF with a Easy Roller body kit and murals.
The film also includes a young Jamie Lee Curtis that plays the role of a female hitchhiker... you see where this is going. I'm not going to give away the story but I will say that the ending is a bit ridiculous.

Check out the great artwork on the original poster above. They don't do illustrations like that anymore. In fact the modern DVD release of this movie has a photo of Jamie Lee on the cover. 

See the trailer below. You can also find the complete movie on youtube if you search for it.

Here are some screen shots from the movie:

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